They are not the enemy

Democratic voters

Democratic voters are not the enemy of the pro-life movement. They are our friends, even though too many are misguided on abortion policy in our view. It is our job to make the case for life and encourage them to ask questions. Most of these voters hold views that are far more pro-life than their…

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Real Democrats are more pro-life than their leaders

Real Democrats

The leaders of the Democratic Party are out of touch with the rank and file members of their party. Despite media reports to the contrary, real Democrats are more in alignment with Republicans on this issue than with President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Iowa Representative Cindy Axne, and the rest of the party’s leadership. Democratic Party…

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Abortion is violent

abortion is violent

The act of killing a living human being in the womb is grotesquely violent. Proponents justify the violence in the name of rights of the mother at the expense of the rights of the unborn child. Since the Dobbs decision was leaked earlier this year, we can see that even the politics of abortion is…

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Make your Qualified Charitable Distribution to Pulse

qualified charitable contribution

If you have a 70th birthday approaching, you should be prepared to begin making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) each year. For those 70 1/2 and older, the IRS allows you to make nontaxable distributions from your IRA, as it will count towards your individual minimum distribution. You simply direct the trustee of your IRA…

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Des Moines city councilman wants to legalize all Des Moines abortions

Josh Mandelbaum

Des Moines city councilman, Josh Mandelbaum, has drafted a proposed resolution that would codify abortion-on-demand in Des Moines at the expense of abortion regulations enacted by the state legislature. Josh Mandelbaum’s proposal reads (with emphasis added): THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL THAT the City of Des Moines supports the codification of the…

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Get ready for a War of Words

war of words

Big Abortion won the war of words in Kansas. They used a strategy of slick, if misleading, messaging coupled with anti-Catholic bigotry to absolutely bury a pro-life amendment. To recap: Kansas faced the same dilemma as Iowa. Their state Supreme Court uncovered a fundamental right to abortion mysteriously hidden in their state Constitution. Pro-lifers crafted…

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The Kansas debacle

protect them both amendment

Kansas and Iowa faced similar pro-life dilemmas: their respective state supreme courts discovered a fundamental right to abortion in their respective state constitutions, curtailing their legislatures’ ability to regulate abortion. Kansas put forth the “Value Them Both Amendment” to return the power to the legislature. Kansas voters rejected the amendment in a lopsided loss for…

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Fr. Martin accuses pro-lifers of grumbling

James Martin S.J.

Writing in last week’s Wall Street Journal (Houses of Worship:  Abortion and the Grumbling Crowd), Fr. James Martin said Jesus broke bread with sinners, which makes the case against denying communion to pro-abortion politicians, by his way of thinking. He also drew a moral equivalence between abortion and the death penalty, quoting San Diego Robert…

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The Age of Contempt

age of contempt

We live in an age of contempt, fueled by abortion’s ugly legacy. Did you catch the testimony of a Senate witness, Professor Khiara Bridges?  Professor Bridges was asked a simple question by Senator John Cornyn: “Do you think that a baby that is not yet born has value?” She answered: “I believe that a person…

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“Who is my neighbor?”

who is my neighbor?

This Sunday’s readings are about abortion. Many disagree. They assert that the Bible doesn’t directly talk about abortion anywhere. In fact, some abortion rights advocates claim that 5 Bible verses actually support abortion rights. This Sunday’s gospel reading suggests the issue hangs on a single question: “Who is my neighbor?” The Parable of the Good…

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