Maggie DeWitte

Maggie DeWitte

Maggie DeWitte has served as the Executive Director of Pulse (Formerly Iowans for LIFE) since 2010.  Prior to her role as Executive Director, she served on the Board of Directors for two years.  She is also the spokesperson for the Iowa Coalition of Pro-life Leaders.

Previous work experience includes the Adoption Coordinator for Catholic Charities and Respect Life Contact for the Diocese of Des Moines from 2000-2010.  DeWitte has 30 years of experience working in various social service positions throughout her career.  The common thread is working on behalf of those most vulnerable.

Maggie can speak to your group on the following issues relative to the pro-life cause:

  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Faith
  • And More

Call for more details: 515-255-4113

Tom Quiner

Tom Quiner

Tom Quiner has written and spoken on the intersection of faith, culture, and politics in a variety of platforms for over four decades. As board president of Pulse Life Advocates, he focuses on creative ways to advance the pro-life cause in these same arenas.

Quiner offers an eclectic resume. He founded Breakthrough Marketing in 1987 with his wife, Karen; has written and produced ten musicals and one non musical, “A Clash of Creeds”; and blogs extensively on pro-life issues on Pulse’s online blog.

On weekends, you’ll find him behind the piano at Catholic Masses at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Most recently, he wrote and produced “Women of Worth,” a musical event sponsored by Pulse. It featured the premier of “The Story of Joan, the epic saga of the Maiden of Orléans, Joan of Arc.”

He believes the pro-life movement must tap the arts to help counter a culture saturated with anti-life music and films.

Sarah Hurm

Sarah Hurm

Sarah grew up in Granger, Iowa. She is one of five girls.

In her teen years, Sarah started to experiment with living outside of the path she was shown growing up. Drinking, smoking, abusive relationships and a life of promiscuity lead her to facing her fourth unplanned pregnancy.

It was through her journey of starting a chemical abortion and reversing it that her eyes were opened, found the road to redemption and began to understand the immeasurable worth of each person. She now owns her own massage business and is a solo parent to four children.

Sarah is available to speak on the following subjects:

  • Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) - My Story
  • How I came to the Catholic faith
  • Single parenthood