Pulse Life Advocates is at the state capitol, relentlessly advocating for the protection of all life in our laws.

At the state capital...

Pulse Life Advocates has been a leader in bringing forth pro-life legislation at the Iowa State Capitol.  In fact, most of the early pro-life legislation can be credited to this organization.  We are advocating for legislation during the session and providing education to our representatives to pass bills that will protect life.


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We are proud founding members of the Coalition of Pro-life Leaders in the state of Iowa.



Roe Decision
  • June 24, in Dobbs v. Jackson we overturned federal abortion law.
  • Abortion law goes back to the state.
  • Two dozen states have trigger bills, so they have outlawed abortion, Iowa unfortunately is not one of those states.



24 Hour Bill
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Abortion Pill Ruling

Session Updates

2024 End of Session

The legislative session ended in the early morning hours of Saturday April 27, 2024.   It was a disappointing session for the pro-life movement.  While we appreciate the extra effort our legislators took to have a special session last summer to re-pass our Heartbeat bill once again, this session produced very little in terms of the life issues.  Here is what passed for this session:

SF 2251 Expands Medicaid Coverage for One Year Post-Partum

SF 2252 MOMS (More Options for Maternal Support) Program

HF 2276 Requires Zoning of Maternity Homes as Residential Property

2024 Second Funnel
2024 First Funnel
2023 End of Session
2023 Second Funnel
2023 First Funnel
2022 End of Session
2022 Second Funnel
2022 Update
2020 Recap


Heartbeat Law

Huge Win! The Heartbeat Bill is the law of the land!

By Pulse Life Advocates | June 28, 2024

Great news: The Heartbeat Bill stands! The law bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected in the unborn baby, allowing exceptions in cases of incest or to save the life of the mother. Lawsuits resulted in an injunction on the…

Chuck Schumer

Right to Contraception Act is a Trojan horse

By Pulse Life Advocates | June 5, 2024

The Senate votes today on the Right to Contraception Act. Pulse opposes the bill, which would make it illegal for the federal government or states to restrict access to contraception. Pulse executive director, Maggie Dewitte, explains Pulse’s opposition to the…

Life at Conception Bill

2024 Legislative session ends with a whimper

By Pulse Life Advocates | April 23, 2024

The legislative session ended in the early morning hours of Saturday April 20, 2024.   It was a disappointing session for the pro-life movement.  While we appreciate the extra effort our legislators took to have a special session last summer…

The second legislative funnel…

By Pulse Life Advocates | March 18, 2024

The second legislative funnel passed this last week, and several pro-life bills made it through the committee process.  Through the next several weeks, these bills will be placed on the calendar for debate in the House and Senate.  Here is…

prescription-free birth control

The risks of prescription-free birth control are real

By Pulse Life Advocates | March 11, 2024

  A poll conducted by the Des Moines Register shows that 79% of Iowans support Governor Kim Reynold’s proposal to make prescription-free birth control available to women over the age of eighteen. Pulse Life Advocate’s executive director, Maggie DeWitte, testified…

over-the-counter contraception

Maggie DeWitte’s testimony on oral contraception at the state house

By Pulse Life Advocates | March 4, 2024

Pulse Life Advocates opposes a pending bill (HSB 642) before the Iowa legislature that would allow oral contraception to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription. Here Pulse Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte’s, testimony: *** 1. Oral contraception is dangerous.  The World…

Access to Family Building Act

The case against the IVF bill

By Pulse Life Advocates | February 28, 2024

Congress introduced a new bill, the “Access to Family Building Act,” with the goal “to prohibit the limitation of access to assisted reproductive technology, and all medical care surrounding such technology.” It is a response to the Alabama Supreme Court’s…

abortion hurts women

Abortion hurts women in a profound way

By Pulse Life Advocates | February 15, 2024

By Maggie DeWitte, Executive Director Pulse Life Advocates Since Roe v. Wade, abortion has taken the lives of over 65 million of our preborn brothers and sisters.  But also, in the wake of that tragedy, it has wounded 65 million…

Maggie DeWitte

Opinion: Iowans are pro-life, and today was a long time coming

By Pulse Life Advocates | July 21, 2023

Women do not need abortion. It does not empower them. It does not give them equality with men. It hurts them and causes lifelong pain. And the answer to our social problems is not to kill the child. By MAGGIE…

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