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Pulse Life Advocates has been a leader in bringing forth pro-life legislation at the Iowa State Capitol.  In fact, most of the early pro-life legislation can be credited to this organization.  We are advocating for legislation during the session and providing education to our representatives to pass bills that will protect life.


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We are proud founding members of the Coalition of Pro-life Leaders in the state of Iowa.



Roe Decision
  • June 24, in Dobbs v. Jackson we overturned federal abortion law.
  • Abortion law goes back to the state.
  • Two dozen states have trigger bills, so they have outlawed abortion, Iowa unfortunately is not one of those states.



24 Hour Bill
2023 Iowa Initiatives & Concerns
Mail Order Abortion Pills
Current Threats to Life

Session Updates

2023 First Funnel

2023 Legislative Session- First Funnel 3/3/23

Bills that Survived:

SF 297- Protection of religious beliefs and moral convictions of health care providers and health care facilities.

HF 570 (Successor to HF 119)- Assault on a pregnant person and providing penalties.

SF 384 (Successor to SF 223)- Assault on a pregnant person and providing penalties.

HF 425 (Successor to HSB 136)- Expansion of the Newborn Infant Act to include a newborn safety device (drop box).

HF 474 (Successor to HF 195)- Expansion of the Newborn Infant Act to include relinquishment of a newborn to an adoption service provider.

SF 252 (Successor to SF 58)- Allows reasonable accommodations to students who are pregnant or recently gave birth attending institutions of higher education.

*These bills are subject to the second fully on March 31 in which they need to be passed on the floor and then through committee in the other chamber.*

Bills that are Dead:

HF 510- Human Life Protection Act

HF 146-Prohibit the manufacture, distribution, prescribing, dispensing, selling of transferring abortifacient drugs in Iowa.

SF 212-Prohibiting discrimination against adoption and foster care providers based on religious belief.

SSB 1133- MOMS bill (includes OTC Birth Control)

Bills not effected by Funnel:

SF 324 (Successor to SSB 1139)- MOMS bill (No OTC Birth Control)

HF 427 (Successor to HSB 91)- MOMS bill (includes OTC Birth Control)

*Both bills have been referred to Appropriations so they are alive for the rest of the session.*

End of Session 2022
Second Funnel 2022
Legislative Update 2022
2020 Legislative Recap


Iowa Moms Bill

Great News! The MOMS bill passed.

By iowansforlife | May 24, 2022

The Iowa More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) Act will ensure that every pregnant woman in Iowa has access to meaningful assistance and support when she needs it most. When faced with a crisis pregnancy, many women fear if they…

clarifying Roe v Wade

Clarifying Roe v Wade

By iowansforlife | May 12, 2022

Many people believe that abortion will be illegal should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v Wade. No, that is not what will happen. Abortion will still be legal. The matter will simply return to the states where voters can regulate…

Chuck Schumer

Senator Schumer calls for abortion-on-demand roll call vote today

By iowansforlife | May 11, 2022

One of the most deceitfully-named bills in Senate history is up for a vote again today. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is bringing the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ to the Senate floor for another vote, despite failing in a February…

Pro-life leaders react

Pro-life leaders react to news on Roe v Wade

By iowansforlife | May 3, 2022

Politico reports that Roe v Wade will be overturned after receiving a leaked draft. The report states that the draft was written by Samuel Alito who says: “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion…

Maggie DeWitte at the Capital

Maggie DeWitte reacts to breaking news on the future of Roe

By iowansforlife | May 3, 2022

By MAGGIE DeWITTE I can hardly put into words all the thoughts and emotions that are going through my mind and heart at learning of the real possibility that the US Supreme Court has ruled to overturn the egregious Roe…

scandal of roe

The scandal of Roe v Wade

By iowansforlife | May 3, 2022

Someone working within the Supreme Court leaked a draft decision to Politico written by Justice Samuel Alito purporting to overturn Roe v Wade. If true, this is welcome news to pro-life warriors everywhere who have prayed, marched, sidewalk-counseled, written letters,…

Life at Conception Bill

Legislative Update: Contact your representative in support of the MOMS Bill

By iowansforlife | April 27, 2022

More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) bill, SF 2381 would help ensure that every new and expecting woman in Iowa has access to meaningful assistance and support when she needs it most through life-affirming pregnancy resource centers. We believe this bill…

Certificate of Nonviable Birth

Certificate of Nonviable Birth

By iowansforlife | April 11, 2022

On Wednesday, the Iowa Legislature gave final approval to SF 577, a bill that would allow mothers who go through a miscarriage to receive a “nonviable birth” certificate for their child, recognizing that child’s humanity and existence. The bill was…

Action alert

Action Alert!

By iowansforlife | March 25, 2022

Your action is needed today!  Pregnant women and new moms deserve more access to meaningful assistance and support when they need it most. A Senate Appropriations subcommittee has passed Senate File 2354, the Iowa MOMS (More Options for Maternal Support) bill.…

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