Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders


The women on our billboards are real women, with real pain and heartache from their abortion. Read their stories here.

Are you experiencing a crisis pregnancy? There IS help and support. Click the button below for a list of crisis pregnancy centers.

Iowans for Life

The genuine pain and heartache of an abortion decision, the choice to willingly give up and sacrifice the life of your child, never completely goes away.  Twenty-five years after my abortion, God led me to a local ministry which helped me begin a life-long process of laying down my pain, mourning, and remembering the child that could have been.

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Iowans For Life

When I was 16 years old I found myself pregnant. I made the hasty decision to have an abortion before anybody except my boyfriend found out. Upon arriving at Planned Parenthood I was giving no information about the abortion procedure. Once prepped, the doctor told me to let him know when I felt a pinch. I panicked. I had not been told ...

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Iowans for Life

When I was 23, I chose to have an abortion. It was a decision that caused an unexpected amount of grief to build up in my heart and spread like cancer. Inevitably, the weight of that burden took me to some of the darkest places in my life. As years passed, the realization of what I had done slowly caught up with me. It was over.

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serena copy

At 15 years old, Serena learned that she was pregnant. When her parents found out about the pregnancy, things became very abusive and dysfunctional at home. Serena wanted to have her baby, but culturally this was very shameful for her family to have an out of wedlock baby.. 

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SUE JUSTICE billboard

I was an 18-year-old freshman in college when my boyfriend of two years and I suddenly found ourselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I did not know where to turn. My parents had just traumatically separated. Feeling shame and fearing rejection, I didn't confide in any friends. My boyfriend and I had just started...

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There was a time in my life when I was alone and depressed.  Alcohol and drugs ruled my world. I was in a relationship full of domestic abuse, both mentally and physically. I finally ran away from him, staying where ever I could. Homeless, depressed, alone, and fully addicted to drugs, I found out I was pregnant.

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At fifteen, Luana became pregnant. Ironically, her pregnancy gave her a way out of a home filled with alcohol abuse and disfunction. She married, but suffered a miscarriage, and the marriage ended.

Seeking love and acceptance, Luana's promiscuous lifestyle resulted in another unplanned pregnancy.

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elizabeth raygoza

In 2003, I was 25 years old and I found myself in a very, very difficult and unhealthy relationship. I became pregnant and I decided to seek out the option of an abortion. I called around and found Planned Parenthood and made an appointment. When I walked in the atmosphere was cold and dark. So I left and called a health clinic.

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sanctity of life in Iowa

Laura Hope Smith was  born May 25, 1985 and died from a legal abortion on Sept. 7th, 2007 at 22yrs old, in Hyannis,  MA.  The abortionist, a doctor and a Harvard Fellow, did not practice by acceptable medical standards nor did he even recognize that Laura died during the abortion.

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Des Moines Billboard Locations

  • At Keo just east of Carpenter
  • On SW 7th Street North of Indianola Road
  • On NE 14th, just South of Euclid
  • On SE 14th, just South of Hartford

Different locations will be going up April 22nd.

Cedar Falls/Waterloo

Two are up now until May 5th. 

  • On US 63 North of Ridgeway
  • On University West of Hudson
Two more will be up on May 6th
  • University East of Falls Ave.
  • On Main St at N. Seerley


Ames Billboard Location

There will be a billboard up on Duff Ave, North of Chestnut from April 22 until October 6th.

Iowa City Billboard Location

Two billboards are going up in Iowa City today at 2301 2nd Street, and will be up for one month.

Council Bluffs Billboard Locations

  • One went up on April 1st at 2520 S. 24th Street and will be up until April 28th.
  • 4 more will be running throughout the year at different locations.