sanctity of life in Iowa

Laura Hope Smith was  born May 25, 1985 and died from a legal abortion on Sept. 7th, 2007 at 22yrs old, in Hyannis,  MA.  The abortionist, a doctor and a Harvard Fellow, did not practice by acceptable medical standards nor did he even recognize that Laura died during the abortion.

Laura was left unconscious with a high school graduate attendant, called the “hand holder”, to be resuscitated from the anesthesia.  It was too late.

Laura died the same way Michael Jackson died.  The drug Propofol took away her lungs ability to breathe. All Laura needed was air to survive. But there was no oxygen for emergencies in the room and no medical person attending Laura as required by the drug manufacturer.

The clinic was not in a hospital setting, which would have been able to deal with a patient in the kind of respiratory distress she was in.

The physician's actions were criminal and he was found guilty and went to jail on the 3rd anniversary of her death.