Did you know that PULSE can now accept gifts of stock, mandatory IRA distributions, grain and more? We still love cash and check gifts, but times are changing and we are pleased to announce that our ways of accepting gifts are too.

A gift now may not be what works for you. We understand.  Know that gifts through your will, estate or other planned giving methods are always a tremendous support to our mission. That means you can support our pro-life outreach without affecting your assets during your lifetime.

How to support PULSE through legacy giving...

In other words, you can support the pro-life cause now … or later … with a variety of assets, including:

  • Cash, including online and automatic deductions
  • Marketable stock and securities
  • Retirement assets such as Mandatory IRA Distributions
  • Life insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Grain
  • And more!

Regarding life insurance and trusts, you can modify an existing policy naming Pulse as the beneficiary, or take out a new policy. Please make sure you inform us of your intent to donate this way so that we may pass on our thanks. For retirement assets, stocks, grains, and securities, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page to discuss your contributions.

Now you can invest in PULSE'S longterm pro-life outreach through planned giving using the new tools available via the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa (CFSWIA).

Simply call us to set up a meeting to learn more:  515-255-4113.

To support PULSE'S ongoing projects today, you can donate on our website or at CFSWIA’s website.