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The 2024 Iowa March was a huge success!

The Iowa March for Life is Growing!

Iowans understand that our posterity needs to be protected if we are going to continue to thrive in our state and in our country.  Iowans know that human life is a precious gift from God and that we have no right to kill another human being. Iowans have the courage to stand up publicly for our beliefs. That is why the Iowa March was such a success and will continue to grow.

The event started with pro-life displays in the Capitol Rotunda and was then followed by inspiring speakers. It was emceed by Iowa RTl's director Kristi Judkins. Our speakers included: Bishop Joensen, Rev. Dr. B. Keith Haney,  Maggie DeWitte from Pulse Life Advocates, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, pro-life advocate Hope Miller, Tamra Call from the Obria Pregnancy Resource Center, and Pastor Dave Olson.

We then marched around the capitol and to the Iowa Supreme court building and back to proclaim our support for the unborn.

At the conclusion of the March, we all gathered for cookies and water.

It was a beautiful event!