RU-486. The "Medical" Abortion Pill

by Dubuque County Right to Life, April, 2023

The number of abortions happening via the abortion pill have more than doubled in the past 10 years. The abortion pill accounted for more than 53% of all abortions in 2020, according to the Guttmacher Institute (The research arm of Planned Parenthood). Back in 2011, the abortion pill accounted for 24% of all abortions. That is more than double the number of abortions in just 10 years.

RU-486, sometimes known as "medication abortion," or otherwise chemical abortion. (medication is usually supposed to help heal the body). The process begins by taking the first pill (Mifepristone /RU486) with the purpose of cutting off progesterone, which weakens the uterine wall and cuts off nutrients to the baby, thus causing the death of the baby.

The second pill, Misoprostol, is taken 24 - 48 hours later which stimulates contractions to expel the dead child.

Walgreens, CVS Parmacy, and Rite Aid have all applied to carry the abortion pill.

The Evil History of RU-486

Below are excerpts from the article titled "Nazis and Eugenics Brought Us Chemical Abortion: Here's Proof." by Rachel Schroder.*

"In the early to mid-20th century., the pharmaceutical holding company I.G. Farben Chemical Company controlled much of the German chemical industry. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the infamous Auschwitz was one of I.G. Farben's very own chemical plants, responsible for the slavery and deaths of more than a million people in World War II.

Several of Farben's directors were also found guilty in the U.S.'s Nuernberg War Crimes Trials for slavery and mass murder. Georg von Schnitzler, a member of the managing board of directors of Farben, was even a captain in a violent division of the Nazi party that helped facilitate Hitler's rise before WWII. I.G. Farben Chemical Company was the archetype of an industrial demon.

After the war, Western Countries attempted to utterly splinter I.G. Farben's industrial power, but divided the holding company into three of its own industrial members, Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF.

In 1974, the first of these entities, Hoechst, gained a majority share of the holding company Chimio that controlled a French pharmaceutical company called Roussel Uclaf. By 1982, Roussel Uclaf and developed the RU-486 chemical abortion drug mifepristone.

Abortion Drug's Ties to Population Council, Planned Parenthood.

During the mid-1990's, Roussel Uclaf allied with the nonprofit Population Council, which led the charge for FDA approval of the abortion pill in the U.S., officially granted in 2000. During that time Hoechst acquired the remaining shares of Roussel Uclaf.

Like Hoechst, the Population Council had deeply eugenic roots. Aided by the director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the organization was founded by John D. Rockefeller III, son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Rockefeller Jr. sponsored German Eugenic research leading up to the late 1930's that influenced later Nazi policy. Through the Rockefeller Foundation, he funded multiple institutions at which Ernst Rüdin, who spearheaded Hitler's gruesome medical research during the Holocaust, held leading roles. One such organization was the Institute for Brain Research, according to The History of News Network.

Everything changed when Rockefeller money arrived in 1929. A grant of $317,000 allowed the Institute to construct a major building and take center stage in German Race biology. The Institute received additional grants from the Rockefeller Foundation during he next several years. Leading the Institute, once again, was Hitler's medical henchman Ernst Rüden. Rüdin's organization became a prime director and recipient of the murderous experimentation and research conducted on Jews, Gypsies and others.

Following in the footsteps of the organization that his father founded in the 1950s, Rockefeller II's Population Council supported the American Eugenics Society, eugenics-motivated sterilization of women, and the use of sex-selective  abortion. It also tested, along with International Planned Parenthood Federation, population controlling IUD contraceptives in Pakistan, Taiwan, South Korea and India in the '60s despite  knowing their dangerous side effects on women. The council itself was led for years by openly eugenicist presidents Frederick Osborn and Frank Notestein, both of whom were members of the American Eugenics Society.

Aborting Minorities

Rockefeller III acted as chairman of President Nixon's 1969 Population and the American Future Commission just two years after receiving Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award. The commission staff was headed by Dr. Charles F. Westoff of the American Eugenics Society and advised by eugenicist Daniel Callahan. The final report endorsed decreasing population growth through supporting the option for women to obtain contraception and/or abortion. No wonder the Population Council was such a willing candidate to spearhead FDA approval for the Hoechst/Roussel Uclaf chemical drug."

**Jones, Rachel K., at al. "Medication Abortion Now Accounts for More Than Half of All U.S. Abortions." Guttmacher Institute, 30 Nov. 2022
Schroder, Rachel. "Nazis and Euchenics Brought US Chemical Abortion: Here's Proof." The Federalist 26 Aug. 2022

Is RU-486 Safe?

RU-486 Safety

In this type of non-surgical abortion the first pill called mifepristone is given at the Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinic and is used up until 9 weeks of pregnancy. Mifepristone counteracts the natural pregnancy hormone progesterone, which is critical to maintaining a pregnancy. Without progesterone the placenta fails, cutting off oxygen and nutrition to the baby, resulting in his/her death. The patient leaves the clinic after the first pill and is instructed to take the second pill, misoprostol, 36 to 72 hours later. Misoprostol causes the contractions which will then expel the dead baby within several hours or a few days. RU-486 is advertised as a very safe abortion method, but when a San Francisco abortion clinic administered the pill to 18-year-old Holly Patterson, she suffered the ultimate abortion complication. Holly died a week later from a massive infection as a result of fragments of the fetus left inside her uterus which caused her to go into septic shock.

RU - 486 and Current Law

Can you get these dangerous mail order abortion pills in Iowa?

  • Iowa is one of 13 states with a national pilot project called TelAbortion.
  • Gynuity Health Projects out of NY is partnering with Emma Goldman Clinic in Iowa City.
  • The FDA normally doesn’t allow abortion pills to be distributed by mail, but Gynuity obtained federal permission to start the study in 2016.
  • Patients have a preliminary call with clinic staff, obtain an ultrasound wherever, then has a video chat with Emma Goldman Clinic, they then mail the pills via USPS.
  • More than 1000 women have used this nationally, and only a handful in Iowa. They charge $750- same as they would for women who physically come into the clinic to obtain a chemical abortion.
  • The Iowa Board of Medicine is looking into this issue.
  • Concerns: no in-person physical by a doctor, is this given to minors without parent’s knowledge, severe physical complications- many women thought they were going to bleed to death on their bathroom floor, and emotional scarring to see their dead baby often in the toilet, and they are alone and isolated.
  • While more brick-and-mortar clinics are closing and fewer and fewer doctors are willing to perform abortions, the abortion industry has come up with new and innovative ways to kill children and harm women along with making a tremendous profit with little overhead expenses.
  • PP continues their webcam abortion they started in 2013 and its used at PP Clinics in Ames, Cedar Falls, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, and Iowa City.
  • Additionally, Planned Parenthood has also started providing mail order abortion pills.
  • In 2021, the FDA permanently lifted a major restriction on access to abortion pills. It will allow patients to receive the medication by mail instead of requiring them to obtain the pills in person from specially certified health providers.
  • Currently there is a case before the US Supreme Court: Learn More Here

The Supreme Court recently blocked a federal court ruling that imposed restrictions on the abortion pill, maintaining access to the drug while a challenge to the Food and Drug Administration's approval plays out.

The justices returned the case to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

What this means: Access to mifepristone, one of two drugs used in the most common regimen for medication abortion, will remain unchanged while the case continues.  This is extremely frustrating news and will mean that more women will be harmed by this dangerous drug and innocent lives lost.

In the court case Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, four health care organizations and four doctors sued the FDA for illegally approving the chemical abortion drug regimen.  The FDA failed to study the effects of the dangerous drug mifepristone which is one of the two drugs used in a chemical abortion.

On April 7, District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Texas issued a ruling on this case and halted FDA approval of this drug.  The FDA had seven days to appeal this ruling.  The following Wednesday, a federal appeals court reversed part of the ruling by Kacsmaryk.  This judge allowed the FDA to continue to approve mifepristone.

However, the judge did not halt FDA’s action in 2016 to loosen the safeguards on this pill.  This meant that the drug could no longer be mailed, had to be administered in person, and could only be used up to 7 weeks of pregnancy (instead of 10 weeks that it had currently been approved for).

The next day, U.S. Department of Justice asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stay this ruling which would have gone into effect on Saturday April 15. The Supreme Court granted this stay until Wednesday April 19th.  Late afternoon of the 19th, Justice Samuel Alito extended the administrative stay on this case until Friday April 21st.

Of the 3,761 abortions in Iowa in 2021, almost 80% are chemical abortions.


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