unsatisfying pro-life positions

Unsatisfying pro-life positions 

By iowansforlife / September 21, 2023

Two pro-life candidates for president offered up some unsatisfying pro-life positions in the past week. Former President Donald Trump forcefully attacked Heartbeat Bill legislation passed in Florida and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis. Similar legislation has passed in Iowa (twice). Said Trump: “I think what he did is a terrible thing and a…

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Life Chain 2022

Mark your calendar for Life Chain 2023: October 1st

By iowansforlife / September 18, 2023

Life Chain 2023 takes place on Sunday, October 1st from 2PM to 3:30PM. For the second year in a row, the event takes place at 35th & University Avenue in Des Moines. But you’ll pick up your signs at: Des Moines Fellowship Church • 950 35th Street • Des Moines, IA (just south of Kingman…

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the economy and abortion

Why the economy matters to the pro-life movement

By iowansforlife / September 15, 2023

Why do women have abortions? According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute: money. Let’s face it, the economy and abortion are connected. According to their 2004 study: “The reasons most frequently cited were that having a child would interfere with a woman’s education, work or ability to care for dependents (74%); that she could not afford…

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Melissa Ohden

DeSantis struck a chord

By iowansforlife / August 31, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clearly struck a chord in last week’s Republican debate when he referenced an abortion survivor he knew. The Governor said: “I know a lady in Florida named Penny. She survived multiple abortion attempts. She was left discarded in a pan. Fortunately, her grandmother saved her and brought her to a different…

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first Republican debate

What candidates said about abortion at the first Republican debate

By iowansforlife / August 24, 2023

Fox News hosted the first Republican debate last night, moderated by Bret Baier and Martha McCallum. Baier asked Ron DeSantis his views on the abortion issue. Here is how the Florida governor responded (above): Ron DeSantis: “ … we sold the biggest election landslide victory in the history of the Republican Party in the state…

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Thanks to all of our volunteers

By iowansforlife / August 22, 2023

Pulse Life Advocates exhibits at the Iowa State Fair as a critical strategy in our pro-life educational outreach. We touch tens of thousands of people every year with life-affirming messages that matter. We couldn’t do it without a committed team of volunteers. We share our pro-life booth with our friends at Iowa Right to Life.…

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2023 Corn Poll

The votes have been tallied!

By iowansforlife / August 21, 2023

The 2023 Iowa State Fair has come to a steamy close. Our annual corn poll yielded some interesting results. Before we share them, many thanks to all the volunteers who helped Pulse Life Advocates man our booth and fulfill our mission … … to inform, educate, and inspire a new generation to value the sanctity…

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Fifth Circuit Court nixes mail-order abortion pills

By iowansforlife / August 17, 2023

Some good pro-life news: The Fifth Circuit Court said yesterday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) erred when it allowed mail order abortion pills in 2016 and 2021. Let’s take a closer look. Is this a big deal? This is a “significant victory” exclaimed Erin Hawley, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom…

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Anti Catholic bigotry

Anti-Catholic bigotry is epidemic

By iowansforlife / August 16, 2023

America has worked hard to promote pluralism. We’ve been wildly successful. Yes, there have been setbacks. But our motto of e pluribus unum, “out of many, one,” has worked because our nation enshrined in our Constitution as its most important rights the freedoms of religion and speech. The re-emergence of anti-Catholic bigotry in the past…

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global boiling

Global ‘boiling’ is bad for the planet’s sanity

By iowansforlife / August 3, 2023

For those not old enough to remember these things, climate scientists warned we were heading into another ice age back in 1971. Seriously. (See the video below from 1979.) By the 1990s, the story had changed: we faced an existential threat of global warming. When the data didn’t cooperate, the new threat was ‘climate change.’…

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