The most important words ever spoken in human history

The Solemnity of Mary

Any honest conversation on abortion includes two important issues, both of which have something to do with the Catholic celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, which occurs New Year’s Day. More than one life is at stake Regarding abortion, our national dialogue has to acknowledge that more than one human life is…

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Did you miss it?


Pulse Life Advocates published 74 blogposts this year (including this one). Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so yet. In case you missed any, here are some highlights. Click on the dates to read the entire blogpost: JANUARY 27th: “During the following weeks, I had four acquaintances tell me about their abortions. Two…

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The family is the “pay it forward” system

"pay it forward" system

Why is the family important? Dr. Peter Kreeft reflected on this question in this excerpt from “Food for the Soul: Reflections on the Mass Readings:” “The family is the single most important institution on earth. All the happiest, most peaceful, and most enduring societies in history have had a deep respect for the family. It…

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The season for family time

family time

What do you want for Christmas? According to troubadours down through the ages, it is to be home with your family and enjoy some family time. Michael Bublé expresses the sentiment so tenderly in the classic Christmas song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Watch: The song’s final line says it all: “I’ll be home for…

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The Reality of Mail-Order Medical Abortion

mail order medical abortion

The Biden Administration permanently lifted restrictions on receiving abortion pills by mail. Formerly, the FDA temporarily lifted-in person requirements for accessing mifepristone, the first of a two-pill process for aborting babies, due to the pandemic. The lifting of restrictions means mail order medical abortion will proliferate more than ever. Pulse Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte, reacted:…

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Maggie DeWitte’s presentation at the Holy Family Christmas Gala

Maggie DeWitte

By MAGGIE DeWITTE Thanks to priests, deacons, legislators, dinner committee, IFL board and staff, the wonderful and talented musicians, Tom & Karen Quiner with Breakthrough Marketing, and all of you here this evening.  We have a big goal tonight.  We need to raise $100,000.  I know it’s a lot, but I am praying that what…

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