Iowans for LIFE responds to Joe Biden

Joe Biden abortion

Joe Biden continues to lead the polls Joe Biden continues to dominate the RealClear Politics 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination polls. On this, the last day of 2019, Mr. Biden enjoys 32% support verses 21% for Bernie Sanders and 14% for Elizabeth Warren. As of December 17th, he leads President Trump 48.5% to 44.0% in RCP’s…

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The slaughter of the holy innocents

Day of the Holy Innocents

By Tom Quiner The man was a monster even Isis could appreciate, but for the fact that he was a Jew. King Herod the Great was the Roman client king of Judea at the time Christ was born. Jewish prophesy stated that a new king, a Messiah, would be born in Bethlehem, threatening the reign…

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God’s gift to keep us human

Down Syndrome

By Tom Quiner Humanity burst through into a pro-death culture in surprising ways in 2019. One of the most heartwarming events occurred at the most raucous PGA golf tournament of the year, the Waste Management Open in January, involving a woman with Down Syndrome.  During a practice round on the 16th hole, which has been…

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Big Abortion uses poor African women as guinea pigs

expand the availability of RU-486

Abortion rights advocates hoping to make it easier to end later-term pregnancies have outsourced a potentially dangerous drug trial to an impoverished African country. The clinical trial in Burkina Faso is testing the efficacy of second-trimester abortions using a two-drug combination that includes RU-486, which is currently used in a growing number of first-trimester abortions.…

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“I am a Catholic?”

Reporter James Rosen got under Nancy Pelosi’s skin when he asked her: “Do you hate President Trump” Speaker of the House Pelosi lashed back: “I was raised in a Catholic house. We don’t hate anybody-not anybody in the world. So don’t accuse me of that. Don’t mess with me. As a Catholic I resent you…

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Get ready for a pro-life Christmas Gala

pro-life Christmas Gala

The Christmas season is the most wonderful pro-life time of the year! Christmas is all about the beauty of life, because Mary said yes to her ‘unplanned pregnancy’ (a phrase popular in our culture). The world rejoices to the “blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” You are invited to a delightful Christmas Gala on December…

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