Why did the Supreme Court grant Big Abortion special privileges?

Big Abortion Special Privilege

Have you ever noticed that Big Abortion has special legal privileges unavailable to legitimate healthcare providers? And they’ve been granted by the Supreme Court under the guise that women have a fundamental right to abortion. This perspective comes to us from Adam J. MacLeod writing in the National Review. His piece, “Roe v Wade granted…

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Pro-life clout at the 2021 Iowa State Fair

2021 Iowa State Fair

By Maggie DeWitte It’s a wrap on the 2021 Iowa State Fair.This year’s post-pandemic gathering was a kinder, gentler version of the one we experienced two years ago.No one spat on us or ripped down our signage. Even more, our booth, which we shared with our allies, Iowa Right to Life, was an oasis for…

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Is your boss threatening to fire you if you don’t get jabbed?


Many pro-lifers refuse to get the COVID ‘jab’ due to conscience-protection issues. The issue has reached a fever pitch as many employers in the medical field have issued an ultimatum to healthcare workers: get jabbed or get fired. All of the major anti-COVID shots used aborted fetal cell lines in the testing of their products;…

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The anti-life politics of climate change

climate change

What do the politics of climate change have to do the pro-life movement? Despite being seemingly separate issues, they do intersect. Some scientists and most of the media blame mankind as the root cause of climate change, necessitating disruptive public policy interventions. Three years ago, a Wall Street Journal headline ran this alarming headline: U.N.…

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