True or False: birth control reduces human abortion?

birth control

By Maggie DeWitte True or False: birth control reduces human abortion? Planned Parenthood’s Erin Davison-Rippey asserts that “limiting birth-control access increases abortion” (Des Moines Register, August 4th). The Guttmacher Institute disagrees Planned Parenthoods’ associates at the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute disagree. Their website acknowledges that “in 2014, 51% of abortion patients were using a contraceptive method…

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Science catches up with the Pope

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week

Even the Wall Street Journal is writing about Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. NFP is gaining traction as 50 years of cultural carnage wrought by the sexual revolution has become increasingly manifest. “Fertility awareness method” Writing in the WSJ today, Ashley McGuire expressed the relevance of the topic well:  “The teachings on contraception found in…

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Uninhibited intimacy

uninhibited intimacy

The Catholic view on contraception can be perplexing to the layman. And yet its goal is uninhibited intimacy. The secular world certainly doesn’t understand it. But even evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, who agree with Church teachings on sanctity of life and marriage, can’t grasp Catholicism’s apparent animus toward artificial birth control. A non-Catholic reader expressed the issue…

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Why I was wrong

Natural Family Planning

By Tom Quiner This is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. Continue reading ONLY IF you see nothing wrong with artificial birth control, as I once did. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops promotes Natural Family Planning Awareness Week to help people like me better understand the beautiful underpinnings of natural family planning as well…

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The Tactic of Deceit

tactic of deceit

“Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day.” Says who? Says ten year old Milo Cress, that’s who. Young Milo became convinced that drinking straws pollute our oceans. He put together a campaign called “we go strawless.” As John Stossel points out, the media, environmentalists, and leftist politicians all embraced his 500 million number and…

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Why the IUD is an abortifacient

IUD is an abortifacient

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a fairly popular form of birth control that is inserted into a woman’s uterus. What many contracepting pro-life women don’t realize, is that the IUD is an abortifacient. It also poses health risks to the woman using the IUD. Planned Parenthood’s website downplays these risks: “Some people have side effects…

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Visionary Pope shocks the world


Faithful Catholics and Protestants are broadly united in their defense of human life. They part company on one distinct element of human sexuality and family life: contraception. In fact, a majority of Catholics quietly ignore the teachings of their own Church on the subject, teachings which were reiterated and clarified with shocking prescience fifty years…

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