Abortion is a human rights issue

“Keep your rosaries off my ovaries”

If you’ve ever read some of the placards on display at abortion rights rallies, you’ve bound to have seen the one that says: “keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” Amazon even sells T-shirts with the slogan, as you can see above. Iowans for LIFE asked some pro-life Catholic women (a phrase which should be redundant,…

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Announcing a Summer Fundraising Dance!

summer fundraising dance

Get ready for an evening of magic. Iowans for LIFE is proud to announce a summer fundraising dance at the beautiful Jasper Winery on Friday, July 23rd. We all know how intense it is to be involved in the pro-life cause. IFL believes that is vital to our mental health to come together with like-minded…

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Be The Solution

Gabrielle Parkhurst

By GABRIELLE PARKHURST What does being pro life mean to me? It means bringing a solution to the endless amount of black women getting abortions everyday. When I think of being pro life, I can’t stop at just making sure a woman considering an abortion has the baby and then move on. I want to…

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