This Sunday’s Life Chain moves to new location

Life Chain 2022 takes place this Sunday from 2PM to 3:30PM. If you’ve regularly attended this event in the past, be aware it’s moved to a new location: Des Moines Fellowship Church • 950 35th Street • Des Moines, IA (just south of Kingman Blvd.) • 2PM to 3:30PM Abortion zealots are loud and profane.…

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They are not the enemy

Democratic voters

Democratic voters are not the enemy of the pro-life movement. They are our friends, even though too many are misguided on abortion policy in our view. It is our job to make the case for life and encourage them to ask questions. Most of these voters hold views that are far more pro-life than their…

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Real Democrats are more pro-life than their leaders

Real Democrats

The leaders of the Democratic Party are out of touch with the rank and file members of their party. Despite media reports to the contrary, real Democrats are more in alignment with Republicans on this issue than with President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Iowa Representative Cindy Axne, and the rest of the party’s leadership. Democratic Party…

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