Would you sell your soul for an abortion?

sell your soul

The Roman Catholic Church recognizes abortion as a grave sin. They are not alone. A broad swath of non-Catholic churches agree. One that disagrees with the Catholics is a Satanic temple in New Mexico, which offers to perform ‘Satanic Abortion Ceremonies’ for you, which raises the question: would you sell your soul for an abortion?…

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Top ten blogposts of 2023

global boiling

Pulse Life Advocates published 72 blogposts in 2023 on issues ranging from the political to the cultural to the religious. Here are the top ten: “Thank-you” and “F*#@ you!” “How many children have YOU adopted?!” #2 Pro-Life is a winning political issue Christians and Contraception A scary and subversive movie opens on April 14th How…

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“Stop, you’re hurting me!”

Abortion hurts

Pulse Life Advocates published a post on Facebook which asks, “What does abortion look like? This:” We accompanied the caption with a photo that showed body parts of an unborn abortion victim. Facebook masked the photo with their own caption which said: “Violent or graphic content. This photo is covered so people can choose whether…

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What kind of people can celebrate the mutilation of babies?

mutilation of babies

The massacre in Israel leaves most people of conscience speechless. Men were murdered and beheaded. Women raped, then murdered, then spat upon. And babies murdered and mutilated. Hamas, the perpetrator of the bloodbath, live-streamed the carnage to make sure we understand that the savagery was the point. They have no boundaries, no compunction in the…

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DeSantis struck a chord

Melissa Ohden

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clearly struck a chord in last week’s Republican debate when he referenced an abortion survivor he knew. The Governor said: “I know a lady in Florida named Penny. She survived multiple abortion attempts. She was left discarded in a pan. Fortunately, her grandmother saved her and brought her to a different…

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The votes have been tallied!

2023 Corn Poll

The 2023 Iowa State Fair has come to a steamy close. Our annual corn poll yielded some interesting results. Before we share them, many thanks to all the volunteers who helped Pulse Life Advocates man our booth and fulfill our mission … … to inform, educate, and inspire a new generation to value the sanctity…

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Fifth Circuit Court nixes mail-order abortion pills

Some good pro-life news: The Fifth Circuit Court said yesterday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) erred when it allowed mail order abortion pills in 2016 and 2021. Let’s take a closer look. Is this a big deal? This is a “significant victory” exclaimed Erin Hawley, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom…

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It’s Not A Race

World Down Syndrome Day

The Life, Learning, and Achievement of my brother with Down Syndrome By JACINTA HAMILTON March 21st marks the observance of World Down Syndrome Day—a celebration of the countless individuals that bless our world with this condition. However, the fight to recognize the value of all life continues, and the statistics are staggering.  95% of babies with Down…

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The Plan B Pill

Once again, we have proof that the FDA has been lying to us. They repeatedly assert that the morning after pill (Plan B), prevents ovulation and does not end a human life. This article proves otherwise. FDAChangeofPlanB

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