Iowans for LIFE announces Natural Family Planning resources

Natural Family Planning

Mystery surrounds the term ‘natural family planning’ (NFP). And yet properly implemented, it is a healthier, more effective method for loving couples to embrace intimacy as they plan their future families with God’s help. Iowans for LIFE is proud to provide new Natural Family Planning resources on our website. This blogpost provides you with a…

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The Women’s Health Protection Act would make the U.S. more pro-abortion than China

The Women’s Health Protection Act

Senate Democrats have introduced the The Women’s Health Protection Act. If passed, the law would gut just about all existing state-by-state restrictions on the books, including those laws that previously passed Supreme Court scrutiny. The Charlotte Lozier Institute highlights the devastating impact this bill would have on abortion laws already on the books: Could Be Interpreted to…

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The racist underpinnings of banning the Hyde Amendment

the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment is in the news. President Biden calls for ending it in his new budget proposal even though he supported it throughout his many years in the Senate. Iowans for LIFE supports the Hyde Amendment because it quantifiably reduces the incidence of abortion, especially within minority populations. Let’s take a quick look: First…

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Pray the Rosary to help end abortion

abortion apologists

More readers of Iowans for LIFE’s blog shared their thoughts on the placards displayed by abortion apologists that say, “Keep your Rosaries off my ovaries. Lisa, mother of three and grandmother of one, reacted like this: “The pro-abortion protest slogan “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” gives an apt glimpse into the misguided mindset of abortion…

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Critical Labor Shortage in the U.S.

labor shortage

“According to a recent CBO report, the principal driver of slow growth since 2008 has been a sharp slowdown in the growth of the labor supply,” writes William Galston in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal about our nation’s labor shortage.  Mr. Galston once worked in the Clinton administration before joining the Wall Street Journal. Prior to…

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