Iowans for LIFE announces Natural Family Planning resources

Natural Family PlanningMystery surrounds the term ‘natural family planning’ (NFP). And yet properly implemented, it is a healthier, more effective method for loving couples to embrace intimacy as they plan their future families with God’s help. Iowans for LIFE is proud to provide new Natural Family Planning resources on our website.

This blogpost provides you with a quick overview:

What is NFP? Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a science-based, natural and highly effective method that couples can use to either achieve or avoid pregnancy. It is a scientific method based on understanding the fertile and infertile phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Not only is it healthier, it is the ethical way to plan a family since it does not rely on artificial contraceptives, many of which act as abortifacients. (Meaning they kill the fetus)

Together, couples learn to read the signs of fertility, and then learn how to  apply this knowledge through a variety of methods.

Why is NFP a pro-life cause? Plain and simple, contraception increases abortion.

Contraception gives women a false sense of security. And that false sense leads to taking greater risks. Over half the women who go into the clinic for an abortion were using some kind of contraceptive method the month they became pregnant.

According to Maggie DeWitte, the executive director of IFL, “we will not get rid of abortion until we tackle the contraceptive culture.”  When it comes to the current abortion crisis we are in, contraception is “the first cause.”

Does NFP work? That’s the wrong question. NFP practitioners are open to life, where as contracepting couples are typically trying to suppress new life. As Catholic writer, Jen Fulwiler expresses it, “Both the pleasurable and procreative aspects of the sexual act are good; to intentionally sever either aspect is bad.”

Modern methods of NFP are rooted in a solid scientific understanding of the variations in fertility throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle which is key to managing pregnancy.

When learned and used consistently, these methods have been shown to be 95-99.5% effective for avoiding pregnancy(depending on the method).

And better yet, practicing NFP can also successfully aid couples who wish to achieve pregnancy.

Why not contracept? Contracepting involves profound ethical and medical considerations. Many couples don’t realize that some forms of contraception are abortifacients. In other words, they don’t just suppress fertilization, they change the endometrium, preventing implantation of the embryo, effectively killing a new human being. Medically, the World Health Organization, lists the Pill as a Group 1 cancer-causing agent. NFP is totally natural, totally safe, and ethically sound.

Iowans for LIFE is proud to present these comprehensive Natural Family Planning resources for couples interested in discovering the beauty of NFP.

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