The Women’s Health Protection Act would make the U.S. more pro-abortion than China

Senate Democrats have introduced the The Women’s Health Protection Act. If passed, the law would gut just about all existing state-by-state restrictions on the books, including those laws that previously passed Supreme Court scrutiny.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute highlights the devastating impact this bill would have on abortion laws already on the books:

  1. Could Be Interpreted to Impose a Heightened Burden of Proof on Many if Not Most Abortion Laws Ever Enacted
  2. Would Trump 20-Week Laws in a Very Large Percentage of Cases
  3. Would Create a Special Protection in Federal Law for Sex-Discrimination Abortion
  4. Would Jeopardize Laws Limiting Performance of Abortions to Licensed Physicians
  5. Would Authorize Federal Court Attacks on Abortion Clinic Health and Safety Standards that Protect Women
  6. Could Have the Effect of Deterring Health and Safety Inspections of Abortion Clinics
  7. Would Jeopardize Limits on Late Abortions
  8. Would Jeopardize Prohibitions on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion—Including the Hyde Amendment—as well as Abortion Training
  9. Would Jeopardize Health and Safety Regulations Governing the Use of Abortion Drugs
  10. Would Jeopardize Health and Safety Regulations Governing the Practice of Telemedicine Abortion
  11. Would Jeopardize Sonogram and Fetal Heartbeat Test Requirements
  12. Would Jeopardize Mandatory Reflection Periods that the U.S. Supreme Court Has Upheld
  13. Could Be Interpreted to Trump State and Federal Conscience Protections

The Women’s Health Protection ActEven if Iowa eventually passes the Protect Life Amendment (2 more steps to go), the dishonestly named Women’s Health Protection Act would gut current laws on the book, such as our ban on 20 week abortions, and shut the door on future regulation.

This law would leave the U.S. with one of the most permissive abortion climates in the world, surpassing even that of dictatorial nations such as China and North Korea. At least China has banned sex-selective abortions.

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