My people are being used

Lois Brookhart

By Lois Brookhart The article by Sister Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT, is a powerful, thoroughly written message supported with excellent facts.  I have been trying to share it with everyone I know, friends and family alike. I am sick at heart at what I see happening in my country. Even though I believe it is…

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You are being played

morally equivalent

By Sister Anne Marie Walsh I feel compelled to say something after seeing, in recent days, some of the things that have been posted about pro-life, racism, the death penalty, etc. Please don’t quote Pope Francis to me, or any other prelate for that matter. I know exactly what they have said, and though much…

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Good and bad legislative news

Protect Life Amendment failed

Dear Pro-Life Supporters:  I won’t pull any punches. This last weekend of the legislative was intense. Let me get the bad news out of the way. The Protect Life Amendment failed. Iowans for LIFE and the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders worked overtime this weekend in an attempt to budge a few recalcitrant legislators to…

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Protect Life Amendment on life support

protect life amendment

The clock approaches midnight and House Republicans still don’t have the votes to pass the Protect Life Amendment. Keep in mind that Republicans have a 53 to 47 advantage. Keep in mind that that the Republican platform proclaims: “The Right to Life shall be understood to include all people from conception to natural death.” Keep…

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The Protect Life Amendment creates constitutional neutrality on abortion

Constitutional neutrality on abortion

Is it possible Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz and Lina-Maria Murillo haven’t read the wording of the Protect Life Amendment? I pose the question after reading their uninformed piece, “An abortion ban? Now? Are you serious, Iowa GOP?” Constitutional neutrality on abortion The proposed amendment simply returns the Iowa Constitution to the abortion-neutral status it held prior to…

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