Good and bad legislative news

Protect Life Amendment failedDear Pro-Life Supporters:  I won’t pull any punches. This last weekend of the legislative was intense. Let me get the bad news out of the way.

The Protect Life Amendment failed. Iowans for LIFE and the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders worked overtime this weekend in an attempt to budge a few recalcitrant legislators to no avail. So although the amendment sailed through the Senate, we just didn’t have the votes in the House to bring it to a vote.

But I have good news to report as well. The “Alfie Evans” bill passed. It protects children from being removed from life support over their parents’ objection. Years of hard work bore fruit to get this bill to the finish line.

More good news: we got an amendment added to the bill which requires a 24 hour consideration period before a woman can have an abortion. This sets up a potential legal challenge to the Iowa Supreme court’s notorious 2018 ruling which discovered a “fundamental right” to abortion in our Constitution. Since that ruling, Governor Reynolds has appointed four new justices, so we’re hopeful of a better outcome next time.

Nonetheless, we are disappointed that we couldn’t get the Protect Life Amendment through. We will be meeting with the Pro-Life Coalition in the next couple of days to begin honing our pro-life strategy for the next session.

I will keep you up to date on what is going on. In the meantime, keep praying.

God bless the unborn.

Maggie DeWitte