Protect Life Amendment on life support

The clock approaches midnight and House Republicans still don’t have the votes to pass the Protect Life Amendment.

Keep in mind that Republicans have a 53 to 47 advantage.

Keep in mind that that the Republican platform proclaims:

“The Right to Life shall be understood to include all people from conception to natural death.”

Keep in mind that if this amendment doesn’t pass, restrictions on late-term abortions, parental notification before an abortion by a child, and taxpayer funding of abortions are all at risk.

Iowans need this constitutional amendment to avoid turning the Hawkeye State into an abortion mecca.

Iowans for LIFE asks you to contact your representative in the Iowa House immediately to support this amendment which simply reverts the Iowa Constitution to its original abortion-neutral status.

This amendment returns power to the people to decide to what extent to regulate human abortion.

Don’t wait ’til Monday. Contact your representative immediately: