My people are being used

By Lois Brookhart

Lois Brookhart

Lois Brookhart

The article by Sister Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT, is a powerful, thoroughly written message supported with excellent facts.  I have been trying to share it with everyone I know, friends and family alike. I am sick at heart at what I see happening in my country. Even though I believe it is all diabolical, I am convinced our Father in heaven is allowing it to bring us back to Him, including those who appear to be our enemies.

Pro-lifers mocked

This evening both at work and on my way home I witnessed the so called group, Black Lives Matter, mocking peaceful Pro-life demonstrations.

First, I saw a police escorted motorcade headed west on Hickman Road, honking their horns and shouting and waving the signs and placards and signs that read: “Black Lives Matter”, as they passed by Divine Treasures about 6:00 pm.

On my way home I passed a small group of young, white women, some with rainbow colored hair, some tattooed waving placards that read: Witches for Black Lives Matters. One young woman was on the middle island where I was turning to go west on Douglas. Some passerby’s honked and showed signs of support.

“Shame on you!”

I was sickened at heart and to my stomach to think these wounded lost children of God had the audacity to think they represented me, and my people. I became so angry I wanted to retaliate and say to them: “Shame on you!”

I came home and wept bitterly.

My God, why have you abandoned me?

For a brief moment I felt that God had abandoned us, my people and my country. The only country that I’ve ever known and loved. The land of liberty, and home of the brave. The land of freedom and blessed by God. The land where the Stars and Stripes, i.e. the American flag and our statues of American heroes were honored and respected. A land where freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly were honored and respected as constitutional rights. A land where there was a balance of power between the judicial, legislative and presidential branches of government.

The land of the American Dream.

It breaks my heart to know that my people are being used to destroy it and them. I no longer recognize my country. I fear It is in grave danger and I feel helpless to stop It.

Instead I see evil and destructive rioting and looting, censorship, etc taking over everyday. And my people being used and played by powerful people (Planned Parenthood, BLM, and the like) who are in truth using its power to eliminate my people from the human race and too many of us have fallen for the lie.

God is our hope

Yes, I am sick at heart, but I am not without hope. Because God is our hope, and he is my loving Father and I trust and know that he has our back, if we would ALL but return to Him.

In the end we know HE wins.

As for these poor lost children of God, whom I witnessed tonight, seeking to be seen and heard so that they can feel important, they are ignorant of the fact that the One they truly seek is God. But they too are being deceived and steered by the evil one who seeks to divide and conquer.

Therefore, I will offer all my prayers and fasting for their deliverance, conversion and salvation. And that His light will fall on them.

I pray God grant me the grace to love them as you love us all, so that we too might grow in right relationship with you and reach the land of glory that you have promised us from of old.

[Thanks to Lois Brookhart for permission to publish this essay. She is the owner of the Divine Treasures Catholic Book and Gift Resource.]