Roe dies on the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Solemnity of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Irony abounds. The Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v Wade on June 24th, 2022, the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pope Benedict XVI wrote in 2006: “By encouraging devotion to the Heart of Jesus, [we exhort] believers to open themselves to the mystery of God and of his love and…

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For Immediate Release: Statement on Dobbs Ruling 

June 24, 2022 Today is the day we ended the federal abortion law, and Roe vs. Wade was finally and completely overturned. After nearly 50 years, we are righting an egregious wrong. A wrong to the magnitude of slavery and the Holocaust. The scourge of abortion has plagued our country for half a century and…

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For Immediate Release: Statement on PP v. Reynolds Ruling

Iowa Supreme Court

June 17, 2022: Today is a momentous day for Iowa. The Iowa Supreme Court in the Planned Parenthood vs. Reynolds court case corrected the egregious 2018 ruling declaring a fundamental right to abortion in our Iowa Constitution. The opinion issued today stated, “and thus reject the proposition that there is a fundamental right to abortion…

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Why does John Roberts dither?

abortion violence

The leaked Supreme Court Dobbs draft occurred on May 2nd. The intent was clear: to corrupt the process of deciding a critical case before the Court through fear, intimidation, and even abortion violence. As the March for Life Executive Director, Jeanne Mancini, stated:  “We also believe that given the leak the court should issue a…

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