Why does John Roberts dither?

abortion violenceThe leaked Supreme Court Dobbs draft occurred on May 2nd. The intent was clear: to corrupt the process of deciding a critical case before the Court through fear, intimidation, and even abortion violence.

As the March for Life Executive Director, Jeanne Mancini, stated: 

“We also believe that given the leak the court should issue a ruling as soon as possible. This leak was meant to corrupt the process. It is heartbreaking that some abortion advocates will stoop to any level to intimidate the court no matter what the consequences.”

Forty-two days have passed and we’re still waiting.

Time is of the essence, because the violence is escalating. Abortion advocates published the addresses of originalist jurists shortly after the leak of Samuel Alito’s draft, a draft that suggests Roe may be overturned.

On June 8th a would-be assassin was arrested at the home of Brett Kavanaugh, armed to the hilt.

This raises the question: what would happen if a judge dies before a decision is released? His or her vote is voided. So if the Dobbs case was poised to overturn Roe with a 5-4 vote (with Roberts voting with the liberals on the Court), the death of a judge voting to overturn Roe changes the vote to 4 to 4, sustaining its toxic legacy.

Domestic terrorism is spreading by abortion zealots. A group called Jane’s Revenge has been especially prolific in the past 42 days. Examples:

  • They fire-bombed a pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York.
  • Broke windows and sprayed graffiti at one in Seattle, Washington.
  • Attempted arson in Oregon.
  • Vandalized another in Washington D.C.
  • More arson in Illinois.
  • More graffiti in Northern Virginia.
  • Molotav cocktail in Wisconsin.

Here in Des Moines, Jane’s Revenge vandalized  our friends at the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center, whom they characterize as a “fake clinic” since they don’t provide abortions.

You can read their full statement in the graphic below:

Jane's Revenge

Statement from Jane’s Revenge

Everything about abortion is violent: the procedure itself, and now more than ever, its politics. Pulse Life Advocates believes that peace begins in the womb. As Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said,

“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what they want.”

It’s past time for Chief Justice John Roberts to release the Dobbs decision so our country can begin healing from a half-century of Roe’s violent legacy.