Governor DeSantis speaks about his views on abortion

DeSantis abortion views

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for the presidency yesterday. Later that evening, he was interviewed by Trey Gowdy on Fox for his views on abortion. Here is a recap of DeSantis’ abortion views: “I’ve been proud as governor to stand for a culture of life. I think all Republicans need to do that.…

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How to clarify the abortion issue

clarifying abortion

What kind of issue is abortion? President Trump has ruffled feathers within the pro-life movement by insisting it is pretty much a states right issue. Last month, his campaign issued a statement clarifying his position: “President Donald J. Trump believes that the Supreme Court, led by the three justices which he supported, got it right…

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How to reframe the abortion debate

abortion debate

The pro-life argument is an overwhelmingly winning position for pro-life candidates. We wrote an entire blogpost which makes the case. The key: you have to stay on offense. Playing rope-a-dope (as Mohammad Ali did against George Foreman) won’t work in this arena. Do NOT let the abortion candidate set the terms of the debate. YOU…

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Pro-Life is a winning political issue

pro-life political issue

Some conservatives are bearish on the pro-life political issue. They point to the midterm elections and the recent Wisconsin election as proof that the pro-life issue should be downplayed. Pulse believes they are absolutely wrong. The esteemed columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel, warned: “At some point, the GOP might want to acknowledge…

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Will Biden declare Martial Law against pro-lifers?

Holocaust Museum

By Maggie Dewitte I just returned from another impactful March for Life in Washington DC.  I took my 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son with me.  I brought my daughter to visit the Holocaust Museum after the March.  I knew she would be just like me when I visited the first time; we spent a solid…

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The Depopulation Bomb

the depopulation bomb

By Tom Quiner, Board President, Pulse Life Advocates I conducted a little survey amongst family and friends. I asked this question: By the year 2100, will the population of the planet be: One billion MORE persons? About the same as today? One billion LESS persons? Most answered one billion more persons. The correct answer is…

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How to lose the Catholic vote

Catholic vote

The Catholic vote often swings elections. Historically, the Democratic Party has controlled the Catholic vote. When they lose it, elections tend to swing Republican since one in five voters identify as Catholic. Catholic polling conducted by EWTN and RealClearPolitics should concern Democratic leadership: 59% of all Catholics say the country is on the wrong track.…

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Brenna Bird vs. Tom Miller for Attorney General

Brenna Bird vs. Tom Miller

State attorney generals have become increasingly politicized across the country. In Iowa, we can see the trend continuing in the race between Brenna Bird vs. Tom Miller. As is often the case, abortion is the flashpoint. The question becomes: will the attorney general defend pro-life laws passed by the state’s legislature. In the case of…

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Axne vs Nunn on abortion

Axne vs. Nunn

Cindy Axne believes in unregulated abortion rights in contrast to Zach Nunn who believes in heavy restrictions on abortion. Even more, Ms. Axne wants to take away Iowans right to regulate abortion at the state level, while Mr. Nunn believe Iowans know better than Nancy Pelosi on what’s best for Iowa. As you can see,…

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