What Nikki Haley could learn from Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

“You have to be honest with the American people. Slavery is a personal issue. I am unapologetically pro-emancipation for the slaves. But we have to acknowledge that the courts have given the power to make this decision to the individual states. And as much as I am pro-emancipation, I don’t want anyone being judged for…

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Vote Pro-Life in tomorrow’s Mayor race

Des Moines mayor's race

The Des Moines mayor’s race will be determined by the abortion issue. As we’ve written before, candidate Josh Mandelbaum has made abortion a central issue of his campaign, promoting an agenda which would transform Des Moines into a sanctuary city for abortion. Although his chief rival, Connie Boesen, is pro-abortion rights, she reiterates that it…

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The debate that matters

DeSantis/Newsom debate

By Tom Quiner, Board President, Pulse Life Advocates Presidential debates are cattle calls which yield unsatisfying results. Moderators ask large questions, such as: “How will you bring about peace on earth and goodwill to men? You have sixty seconds to respond.” These sprawling events allow candidates but ten minutes of total time to expound on…

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Unsatisfying pro-life positions 

unsatisfying pro-life positions

Two pro-life candidates for president offered up some unsatisfying pro-life positions in the past week. Former President Donald Trump forcefully attacked Heartbeat Bill legislation passed in Florida and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis. Similar legislation has passed in Iowa (twice). Said Trump: “I think what he did is a terrible thing and a…

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Global ‘boiling’ is bad for the planet’s sanity

global boiling

For those not old enough to remember these things, climate scientists warned we were heading into another ice age back in 1971. Seriously. (See the video below from 1979.) By the 1990s, the story had changed: we faced an existential threat of global warming. When the data didn’t cooperate, the new threat was ‘climate change.’…

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