What kind of people can celebrate the mutilation of babies?

mutilation of babies

The massacre in Israel leaves most people of conscience speechless. Men were murdered and beheaded. Women raped, then murdered, then spat upon. And babies murdered and mutilated. Hamas, the perpetrator of the bloodbath, live-streamed the carnage to make sure we understand that the savagery was the point. They have no boundaries, no compunction in the…

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The contagious mass psychosis of 1917 continues today

Our Lady of Fatima

By Tom Quiner I was sitting on my patio one summer night sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying the company of some good friends when the conversation took a mysterious turn. Carol told of something extraordinary she witnessed years ago at Veterans Auditorium here in Des Moines, Iowa. She was the reluctant attendee…

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Did you get your invitation?

Dear Pro-Lifer: You should have gotten your invitation to our November 18th Christmas Gala in the mail. I encourage you to reserve your table or seat soon. Tickets are going fast.  This is the biggest buzz we’ve ever seen! Pro-lifers are excited to hear Governor Ron and Casey DeSantis talk about why they are pro-life,…

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The debate that matters

DeSantis/Newsom debate

By Tom Quiner, Board President, Pulse Life Advocates Presidential debates are cattle calls which yield unsatisfying results. Moderators ask large questions, such as: “How will you bring about peace on earth and goodwill to men? You have sixty seconds to respond.” These sprawling events allow candidates but ten minutes of total time to expound on…

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