What kind of people can celebrate the mutilation of babies?

mutilation of babies

The massacre in Israel leaves most people of conscience speechless. Men were murdered and beheaded. Women raped, then murdered, then spat upon. And babies murdered and mutilated.

Hamas, the perpetrator of the bloodbath, live-streamed the carnage to make sure we understand that the savagery was the point. They have no boundaries, no compunction in the pursuit of their stated goal to wipe Israel and Jews off the map.

The headline above, “what kind of people can celebrate the mutilation of babies,” leads to a follow up question: “what kind of people can support, or even applaud, perpetrators of such a carnage?”

Woke college campuses

In the U.S., you’ll find them on elite, woke college campuses.

Yalies4Palestine blamed Israel:

“We mourn the tragic loss of civilian lives, and for this we hold the Zionist regime accountable.”

Thirty-three student groups at Harvard said pretty much said the same thing:

“We hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

At Stanford, the Students for Justice in Palestine rationalized the viciousness of the attack as “part of the ongoing, decades-long struggle against Israeli oppression,” and that the Palestinians have “the legitimate right to resist occupation, apartheid and systemic injustice.”

Did the same people say that to the Ukrainians when Russia invaded them?

Some people are ‘lesser’ than others

Obviously not. Anti-semitism drives the acceptance of savagery in these elite conclaves in the United States. And anti-semitism at home and abroad is fueled by the belief that some people are lesser than others.

Pulse Life Advocates addresses this issue because we see a connection between the massacre in Kfar Azza, Israel, and the massacre taking place in the womb in every state in America.

Some reading this may bristle at the comparison. And there are differences, of course. Jews have been targeted for centuries out of sheer hatred. The unborn have been targeted for their inconvenience.

But in both cases, Jews and the unborn are viewed as being ‘lesser’ humans than others.

In both cases, these two groups have been viewed as obstacles to another’s prosperity, success, and happiness.

But the carnage has been the same. While Jews have been wiped out at music festivals and concentration camps by anti-semitic terrorists, the unborn are wiped out in their mothers’ wombs at the hands of highly paid abortionists.

Thirteen hundred innocent Jews were butchered in Kfar Azza on October 7th. Six million innocent Jews were killed in the Holocaust. And 64 million innocent unborn babies have been aborted in the U.S. since 1973.

On American college campuses, these same haters of Israel and also rabidly pro-abortion. Eighty percent of all college students are pro-choice, and it’s worse in woke enclaves like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. (Tragically, the acceptance of human abortion is about the same amongst Jews.)

What does this mean for our future?

So the Jews and the unborn are viewed as lesser people in the eyes of these elites. What does this portend for our future?

The National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke says it’s a prerequisite to barbarism:

Charles C. W. Cooke

“Indeed, I shall go one further here and propose that it is not simply abhorrent to subordinate one’s elementary sense of horror to a set of esoteric abstractions; it is the prerequisite to barbarism. From time to time, students of history wonder how the great tyrannies of the past could have impelled so many ostensibly rational people to treat others with such brazen contempt. This question, I’m afraid, has a mundane answer: Those tyrannies persuaded their accomplices to do terrible things by insisting that the people to whom the terrible things were being done were lesser in some meaningful way.”

If you can kill innocent human beings in the womb because they are an inconvenience, anything is possible.

Pulse Life Advocates stands in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters who once again are targets of raw evil.

The killing must end. It starts with the recognition that peace begins in the womb.

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