Did you just take the abortion pill? It may not be too late to reverse it.

Abortion pill reversal is reality. Many women immediately regret their decision to abort their baby after taking the first of two ‘medications’ (RU486) designed to end the human life in a mother’s womb.

The first pill starves the baby of oxygen and nutrients. The second pill expels the body.

The video above tells the story of a woman who immediately regretted “every single moment” after taking the first abortion pill. Big Abortion tells women there’s no going back. Not true, as this woman attests. Abortion pill reversal is very possible, but don’t wait.

If you, too, regret taking the abortion pill, you may be able do something about it. If you’re near Des Moines, Iowa, contact InnerVisions HealthCare immediately: 515-440-2273 for compassionate, authentic women’s healthcare.

Outside of Des Moines, contact: AbortionPillReversal.com or call their 24/7 Helpline at 877-558-0333.

Don’t give up. There’s hope.

Talk to people who authentically care about you and your baby.

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