Presidential candidates reject Roe v Wade


Abortion zealots light up the World Trade center to celebrate infanticide

Don’t let the headline above fool you. Just about every potential presidential nominee, save one, is aggressively pro abortion. But the markers are moving quicker than you can say infanticide.

Where Roe V Wade limited human abortion to the first trimester, most potential 2020 presidential candidates say it didn’t go far enough. They oppose any meaningful regulation on human abortion.

Reproductive ‘Health’ Act

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and former New York Senator, Hillary Clinton, both supported the recently passed “Reproductive Health Act” which permits abortion at any point in a pregnancy, whether the first month or the last, in the state of New York. The governor had the World Trade Center lit up in pink to celebrate and rub it in to distraught pro lifers.

Elizabeth Warren not only supports access to legal abortion without restrictions, she supports public abortion funding and calls for a pro abortion litmus test for potential court nominees.

Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are pretty much on the same page as Senator Warren.

Hawaii Senator, Tulsi Gabbard, would ban all ‘anti-abortion’ limitations. But at least she disagrees with Senator Harris on compelling Supreme Court judges to resign from the pro-life Catholic group, the Knights of Columbus.

Bernie Sanders is all in on any piece of pro abortion legislation, even opposing a ban on partial-birth abortion.

The Women’s ‘Health’ Protection Act would be a disaster

Corey Booker co-sponsored the dishonestly named Women’s Health Protection Act, which would be a disaster to those who support reasonable regulation on abortion access. The Charlotte Lozier Institute highlights the devastating impact this bill would have on abortion laws already on the books:

  1. Could Be Interpreted to Impose a Heightened Burden of Proof on Many if Not Most Abortion Laws Ever Enacted
  2. Would Trump 20-Week Laws in a Very Large Percentage of Cases
  3. Would Create a Special Protection in Federal Law for Sex-Discrimination Abortion
  4. Would Jeopardize Laws Limiting Performance of Abortions to Licensed Physicians
  5. Would Authorize Federal Court Attacks on Abortion Clinic Health and Safety Standards that Protect Women
  6. Could Have the Effect of Deterring Health and Safety Inspections of Abortion Clinics
  7. Would Jeopardize Limits on Late Abortions
  8. Would Jeopardize Prohibitions on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion—Including the Hyde Amendment—as well as Abortion Training
  9. Would Jeopardize Health and Safety Regulations Governing the Use of Abortion Drugs
  10. Would Jeopardize Health and Safety Regulations Governing the Practice of Telemedicine Abortion
  11. Would Jeopardize Sonogram and Fetal Heartbeat Test Requirements
  12. Would Jeopardize Mandatory Reflection Periods that the U.S. Supreme Court Has Upheld
  13. Could Be Interpreted to Trump State and Federal Conscience Protections

Joe Biden is the least strident Democrat on abortion

Of the potential Democratic candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden stakes out less strident positions on abortion issues than his potential intra-party rivals. He opposes partial birth abortion and federal funding for abortion. And he doesn’t call for a litmus test for judges on whether they’d overturn Roe v Wade. Nonetheless, he passionately supports Roe v Wade.

President Trump has been the most pro life president in history

By contrast, President Trump appointed two pro life Supreme Court justices; he signed a bill allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood; he signed an Executive Order allowing states to withhold Medicaid and other federal monies to groups that perform abortions; he re-instated and expanded the “Mexico City Policy” to prevent US taxpayers from funding human abortion in other countries; and promises to sign pro life legislation that Congress puts on his desk.

At both the federal and state levels, Democratic politicians are increasingly supporting legislation that permits abortion rights up to the point of delivery, even if a mother is dilating. Watch the chilling exchange below where a member of the Virginia House of Delegates is forced to admit that her bill essentially allows infanticide:

The Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, made it clear that infanticide was on the table with this bill:

“So in this particular example if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated IF that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother” [emphasis ours].

Iowa may not be far behind.

Here in Iowa, a judge has thrown out the Heartbeat Bill. The Iowa Supreme Court asserts that Iowa women have a “constitutional right” to abortion, so the 20 week fetal pain abortion ban may rest on shaky ground.

If it falls, we’ll be no different than New York, even though Iowans have voted for significant regulations on human abortion.

Abortion proponents are moving fast trying to normalize abortion. As we’ve written before, Planned Parenthood is plastering pro abortion billboards throughout the state.

“Shout Your Abortion” groups are aggressively touting abortion as something quite normal right here in Des Moines, as the Des Moines Register reported on earlier this week.

Help us stop infanticide

Are you bothered by this growing movement to normalize infanticide? If yes, you can fight back in two practical ways.

The first is to show up at the Capital next Wednesday, February 6th at noon, to sit in on a hearing to amend the state constitution which once and for all strips abortion from our state constitution, as follows:

“A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa that the Constitution of the State of Iowa does not secure or protect a right to or require the funding of abortion.”

The second is to support our pro life billboard campaign. Donate online here.

Roe v Wade doesn’t go far enough for just about every single Democratic presidential candidate. Collectively, the party is moving in the direction of active acceptance of infanticide.

Help us fight back with a powerful pro life billboard campaign with a donation of $500, $100, or $50. We’re ready to launch as soon as the money is raised.