40 days for life

Lest you think our work ended on June 24th, 2022…

By iowansforlife / February 17, 2023

By Karen Quiner For 50 years we have had a primary focus – to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many said is was settled law and was here to stay. But Pulse Life Advocates never believed that and continued the fight with passion and with every tool at our disposal. We knew that we had to…

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oral contraception

Maggie DeWitte’s testimony on risks of oral contraception #2

By iowansforlife / February 13, 2023

Here is Pulse Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte’s, testimony on a bill before the Iowa Legislature, IA HSB91, “a bill for an act relating to the health and well-being of children and families.” Maggie is also spokesperson for the Iowa Coalition of Pro Life Leaders, which supports Division Seven in the bill, except for subsection division…

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worst Super Bowl

Why the worst Super Bowl in history was my favorite

By iowansforlife / February 11, 2023

By Tom Quiner, Pulse Life Advocates Board President The worst Super Bowl in history was number V. And I loved it. Looking back, it reminds me of the epic battle of pro-lifers against Roe v Wade, which all happened at about the same time. A young Baltimore Colts fan As background, I’m a lifelong Colts…

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pro-life challenge

“How many children have YOU adopted?!” #2

By iowansforlife / February 10, 2023

By Maggie DeWitte, Executive Director, Pulse Life Advocates A grim-looking woman fixed her gaze at me at last summer’s Iowa State Fair. I was working Pulse Life Advocates’ booth in the Varied Industry Building when she strode up to hurl a pro-life challenge in my face: “How many children have YOU adopted?!” I said, “Well…

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Bishop Joensen prayer at 2023 Prayer Rally

Bishop Joensen’s Prayer at the 2023 Pro-Life Prayer Rally

By iowansforlife / February 9, 2023

Bishop Joensen came to the Capitol on Monday, February 6th, to participate in the 2023 Pro-Life Prayer Rally. Here is Bishop Joensen’s prayer: “Generous Father and Creator of the Heavens and Earth: The Psalmist exclaims, “How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you have made them all—the earth is full of your creatures;…

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Tom Quiner interviews Bishop Joensen

“Powerful drugs should require a prescription”

By iowansforlife / February 9, 2023

By Maggie DeWitte, Board President Pulse connected with William Joensen, Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Des Moines, and Tom Chapman, Executive Director of the Iowa Catholic Conference this past Monday at the Pro-Life Prayer Rally at the Capitol. The subject of contraceptives, which are powerful drugs, came up. We discussed a big bill pending…

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Minnesota abortion law

“Barbaric” abortion law passed in Minnesota

By iowansforlife / February 2, 2023

A new Minnesota abortion law strips away every single regulation on human abortion. The Protect Reproductive Options Act claims that every person has a fundamental right to make “autonomous decisions” regarding their own ‘reproductive healthcare,’ unless, of course, you’re still in the womb.  Minnesota Republican Minority Leader Mark Johnson calls the law the most extreme…

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Holocaust Museum

Will Biden declare Martial Law against pro-lifers?

By iowansforlife / February 1, 2023

By Maggie Dewitte I just returned from another impactful March for Life in Washington DC.  I took my 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son with me.  I brought my daughter to visit the Holocaust Museum after the March.  I knew she would be just like me when I visited the first time; we spent a solid…

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Maggie DeWitte

Would you join us in prayer at the Capitol on February 6th?

By iowansforlife / January 25, 2023

Dear Fellow Pro-Life Warrior: Prayer holds the pro-life movement together. It fuels our ability to persevere in the face of setbacks, and to ultimately triumph. That’s why Pulse Life Advocates and our allies in the pro-life movement pray together. We want you to be a part of our shared prayer. To that end, would you…

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man in the arena

Men in the Arena

By iowansforlife / January 24, 2023

Women hold the important leadership positions in the pro-life movement. Some examples in Iowa: Pulse Life Advocates: Maggie DeWitte Iowa Right to Life: Kristi Judkins Innervisions HealthCare: Theresa Welch Agape Pregnancy Resource Center:  Leanna Simpson At the national level: Live Action: Lila Rose March For Life: Jeanne Mancini Susan B. Anthony PRO-LIFE America: Marjorie Dannenfelser…

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