top 10 blogposts of 2022

Top 10 blogposts of 2022

By iowansforlife / January 3, 2023

Pulse Life Advocates published 81 blogposts in 2022. Some were news, political, and legislative updates; some were cultural commentary; some were prayer. All are connected by Pulse’s mission to promote life from fertilization to natural death. Here are the top 10 blogposts for 2022, accompanied by an excerpt from the piece and a link for…

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the depopulation bomb

The Depopulation Bomb

By iowansforlife / December 30, 2022

By Tom Quiner, Board President, Pulse Life Advocates I conducted a little survey amongst family and friends. I asked this question: By the year 2100, will the population of the planet be: One billion MORE persons? About the same as today? One billion LESS persons? Most answered one billion more persons. The correct answer is…

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John Lennon’s most obnoxious song

John Lennon’s most obnoxious song

By iowansforlife / December 27, 2022

The late, great Beatle, John Lennon, has written some very fine songs. But boy has he written some clunkers. Two songs stand out as being particularly insufferable: “Imagine” and “Happy Xmas (The War is Over).” Let’s start with the latter. The first sentence asks: “So this is Christmas, and what have you done?” Take a…

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priest for life

Sad news about the Priest for Life 

By iowansforlife / December 19, 2022

By Tom Quiner Fr. Frank Pavone was one of the most inspirational pro-life speakers I’ve ever heard. He came through Des Moines a number of years ago and riveted the audience with his passionate defense of human life in the womb. What stuck with me was his concern for the women suffering with guilt from…

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Pulse responds to a critic

Pulse responds to a critic

By iowansforlife / December 14, 2022

Pulse Life Advocates publishes and promotes a Facebook post with the message: “Thanks to you, life goes on. Keep the fight for life going.” We received a sharp rebuke, which we post below with our response: “Why am I seeing this?”  Because Pulse Life Advocates is a pro-life organization that promotes the sanctity of life…

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Bishop Joensen's pro-life prayer

Bishop Joensen’s pro-life prayer at the Pulse Christmas Gala

By iowansforlife / December 5, 2022

By Bishop William Joensen God of life whose love brings us into being, we keep a vigil of sorts this evening in this warm and festive place as night and cold and brightly shining stars surround us.  Months after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision marked an answer to so many prayers, to decades of bold…

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Sr. Cecilia Rose

Sister Cecilia Rose’s speech at the Pulse Life Advocates’ Christmas Gala

By iowansforlife / December 1, 2022

Good evening, my name is Sr. Cecilia Rose and this is Sr. Shirley Ann. It is a gift & delight to be with you all. I realize this is a Christmas banquet, but this past 4th of July some of us went to an epic firework show! I have never been that close to fireworks…

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Tom Quiner's speech

Tom Quiner’s speech at Pulse Life Advocate’s Christmas Gala

By iowansforlife / November 30, 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, Saints and Sinners, I have good news tonight: we’re winning! Pulse Life Advocates has been engaged in spiritual, moral, and political warfare on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters for half a century. Yes … the stars are brightly shining on the pro-life movement tonight! But … we need your financial…

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Maggie DeWitte's speech

Maggie DeWitte’s speech at Pulse Life Advocate’s Christmas Gala

By iowansforlife / November 29, 2022

A round of applause for Pulse Life Advocates and 50 years of Education & Advocacy! Watching this video [below], makes me so incredibly proud to be apart of this organization. What a legacy. And now I would like you all to raise your glasses for a toast:  A toast to answered prayers, a toast to…

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case for marriage

The Case for Marriage Grows

By iowansforlife / November 28, 2022

The media is noticing. The Wall Street Journal ran yet another piece touting the case for marriage. They reported on the mystifying tendency of married couples to become wealthier than their non-married counterparts in a November 7th piece (“Moving in Together Doesn’t Match the Financial Benefits of Marriage, but Why?”). They cited data released by…

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