At fifteen, Luana became pregnant. Ironically, her pregnancy gave her a way out of a home filled with alcohol abuse and disfunction. She married, but suffered a miscarriage, and the marriage ended.

Seeking love and acceptance, Luana's promiscuous lifestyle resulted in another unplanned pregnancy. Desperate and scared, she was convinced abortion was her only option.

Her life spiraled down into depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and failed suicide attempts. After two more pregnancies and abortions, she lost all hope. But God had a plan. Luana received Christ, and her life was transformed.

She later married a loving, Christian man. However, their attempts to have children were unsuccessful. Infertile as a result  of abortions, she realized the only children she would ever bear she had killed. Through heartache, they decided to adopt a child from India. God began opening doors, and Luana was catapulted into a world of politics and pro-life advocacy.

Luana now speaks all over the country sharing how abortion hurts women and our nation.