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At 15 years old, Serena learned that she was pregnant. When her parents found out about the pregnancy, things became very abusive and dysfunctional at home. Serena wanted to have her baby, but culturally this was very shameful for her family to have an out of wedlock baby..

Over two weeks, Serena was broken down emotionally and verbally. She became very weak emotionally and physically to the point that she gave in and accepted what her parents were forcing her to do. Serena didn’t see any other way out, being a young and vulnerable teenage girl and still dependent on her parents for support.

The first trip to Planned Parenthood made Serena so upset that she couldn’t follow through with it. She was yelled and cussed at the whole car ride home. The next week she was taken to Emma Goldman clinic, where she had the chance to talk to a counselor beforehand but was so numb that she went through the motions and answered all the questions the right way to have the abortion procedure done.

Serena went back to normal life after that experience but the underlying trauma remained. It took Serena years to finally get the help that she needed to heal from the traumatic experience that she had. She became pregnant again at age eighteen and due to the abortion, had a very rocky pregnancy, almost losing her baby several times. Thankfully her baby was born early, but healthy.

Today, Serena is married and a mom of five beautiful children. Serena had always dreamed of becoming a mom, and despite her traumatic start to motherhood, that dream has been fulfilled. She is passionate about protecting the unborn, helping women heal from abortion, and influencing the next generation to be pro life.