The mystery of Donald J. Trump

Regardless of one’s views on Donald Trump, it’s hard to ignore the singular focus with which his political enemies have tried to destroy him. The question is: why? Yesterday, it appears they got their man with the conviction of a former (and future?) president on 34 felony counts. What is there about the Trump mystique that generates such fury?

Is Mr. Trump down and out? Unlikely.

Again, the question is why? Why so much animus towards a man who was a registered Democrat as recently as 2008?

American politics have always been rough and tumble.

Reagan and the Bush’s certainly had no shortage of vitriol hurled their way by the Left, just as Clinton, Obama, and Biden had their fair share from the Right. But nothing matches what Donald Trump has experienced, epitomized by two unprecedented impeachments and a dizzying array of lawsuits, labeled as lawfare by many.

Consider Trump hatred from an abortion perspective

This blog contemplates the mystery of a man like Donald Trump from a pro-life perspective. We can’t help but think that his forceful defense of Life in his first campaign infuriated the abortion behemoth. And his vice president, and then Trump himself, actually attended the March for Life in consecutive years, the first VP and president to ever do so. Pulse was there. You should have heard the crowd.

He followed through on his promise by naming three originalist jurors to the Supreme Court, leading to the overturning of Roe v Wade. The ferocity of the response from the Left reveals that this single issue remains the ultimate flashpoint in American politics.

True, polls show abortion ranks behind jobs, border security, and inflation among other important issues. 

But within the leftwing of the Democratic Party, abortion is a sacrament. Sadly, the party has devolved from a view that abortion should be safe, legal, but rare … to a party that forcefully opposes any regulation on abortion, that taxpayers must fund it, and that pro-life doctors and nurses should be compelled to perform them.

Trump threw a monkey-wrench into the works

Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the works, and they will never forgive him. Even more, by their actions they are signaling to right-leaning politicians to beware the fate that awaits them if they don’t acquiesce on the abortion issue.

Obviously, the Trump mystique is more complicated than just the abortion issue. But it is certainly a key factor. Pulse and most of our allies in the pro-life movement at the state and national level aren’t happy with his current position, which is to back off from the issue at the federal level and leave the issue up to the states from here on out. But that’s still a better position than what the other side calls for.

An odd prophesy

We leave you with an odd story from a Rhode Island priest, Rev. Giacomo Capoverdi (above). He tells the tale of the ‘hermit of Loreto’, who in the early 1980s prophesied that Donald J. Trump would lead America back to God. Seriously. If you’re snickering, watch the video.

The ‘hermit,’ Tom Zimmer, was a layperson from the U.S. who moved to Loreto, Italy, to live and pray at the shrine of the Blessed Mother’s birthplace. 

In light of the oddity of this story and the natural skepticism it engenders, Catholic journalist, Donald Hartley, visited Loreto a few years back to track down the Zimmer story and see if he could learn more.

There, he met a number of people who knew Zimmer, who had died in 2008. None had ever heard him reference Donald Trump, but one person who knew him well acknowledged she had first-hand knowledge of the accuracy of his premonitions. You can read more about what Mr. Hartley learned here.

All of this adds to the Trump mystique. Regardless of which side of the aisle one stands politically, most observers would put Mr. Trump at the bottom of a list as someone who would lead America back to God.

And yet the Catholic Church teaches that abortion separates us from God. No president has done more for protecting the only creature made in God’s image, mankind, from the abortionists’ clutches.

Will that lead America back to God? We can pray that it does. In the meantime, the Trump mystique only grows.