Right to Contraception Act is a Trojan horse

Chuck Schumer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

The Senate votes today on the Right to Contraception Act. Pulse opposes the bill, which would make it illegal for the federal government or states to restrict access to contraception.

Pulse executive director, Maggie Dewitte, explains Pulse’s opposition to the bill:

Contraception is the gateway drug to abortion.  It leads to MORE abortions, not less.  It gives women a false sense of security and often contraception fails; the longer a woman is on birth control pills, the higher her likelihood of an unplanned pregnancy.

Oral contraception is also an abortifacient in nature.  If it doesn’t work the way it is intended to- to prevent pregnancy- then it thickens the lining of the uterus so that a newly formed baby is not able to attach to the mother’s uterus and is therefore aborted.  It also is classified as a type one carcinogen by the world health organization.  Not only is it cancer-causing but it has a long list of side effects including blood clots, stroke and even death.

In what world do we want to have a so-called ‘right’ to contraception in our laws?  This is the opposite of caring for women and providing health care.

Democrats’ position

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, explained his party’s position with his usual over-the-top rhetoric:

There’s no question in the American people’s minds that Republicans have brought our country to this point. And as Donald Trump reminded us recently, he is “proudly the person responsible” for the annihilation of Roe v. Wade and grotesque reversal of women’s personal freedoms. Democrats have been clear we will not stand for these attacks and we will fight to preserve reproductive freedoms.

Before we point out how this act is a Trojan horse, let us parse Mr. Schumer’s rant:

  • True, Republican presidents appointed all of the jurists who voted to overturn the Dobbs decision, just as Democratic presidents appointed the three jurists who desired to uphold Roe.
  • To call the decision “grotesque” is laughable in light of what Roe allowed: the elimination of the lives of inconvenient innocent human beings, 65 million or so, since the Roe decision. What IS grotesque is the way Roe pitted women against their children, and men against their wives and girl friends, not to mention THEIR children.
  • Abortion has nothing to do with freedom. It has everything to do with slavery, as the powerless (the unborn) have had their freedom stripped away by the powerful.

A sneaky law

As is often the case with reproductive laws, the law is sneaky, written in a way to open the door to outcomes never envisioned by the gullible. In this case, it could enshrine ‘gender-affirming care’ as a right.

Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project (APP), explained the subterfuge:

Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project

Democrats are calling this the ‘Right to Contraception Act,’ but they define ‘contraception’ to include all sterilization procedures.”

That’s a TROJAN HORSE that would appear to include sex change procedures. The bill also defines “contraceptive” explicitly to include all sterilizing drugs, devices, and biological products “whether specifically intended to prevent pregnancy or for other health needs…” and it establishes a “clear and comprehensive right” to access these “contraceptives.

Here’s where this gets crazy. The bill actually REQUIRES judges to interpret this language “liberally” – meaning that the second a Biden activist judge gets an opportunity to “interpret” this law, they’re going to find an explicit right to sex changes. It’s going to happen, and Senate Democrats know this. The bill SUPERSEDES all state law. No state can enforce so much as a ‘limitation’ on these procedures unless they can show that the limitation actually ‘significantly advances access’ – an impossible hurdle. I don’t want to mince my words here. This is an evil bill.

This bill WILL happen with just the slightest shift in the balance of Congress this election cycle. Most rank and file Democrats would oppose this bill if they understood its true implications.

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