Brenna Bird defeats incumbent Tom Miller for Iowa Attorney General

Brenna BirdIn a major upset, pro-life candidate Brenna Bird has defeated incumbent Tom Miller to become the new attorney general for Iowa.

Mr. Miller has served as Iowa AG since 1978, except for a brief sabbatical in the 1990s when he ran for governor. Ms. Bird challenged Miller in 2010, but lost. With a heightened concern on pro-life issues in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision in June, Bird leveraged the issue to win the rematch.

She won by 20,000 votes, carrying 89 out of Iowa’s 99 counties.

In another upset, pro-life candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Zach Nunn, appears to have defeated pro-abortion incumbent Cindy Axne for the 3rd district’s seat. (The race is close enough that there may be a recount.)

Nationally, the abortion issue redounded well for pro-life candidates. Governors in Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Georgie who signed very pro-life laws won decisive victories, as did Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, while weak Senate candidates in Georgia and Ohio underperformed.

Congratulations to pro-life candidates everywhere who had the courage to stand up for the little guy in the womb who has no other voice.

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