How to lose the Catholic vote

The Catholic vote often swings elections. Historically, the Democratic Party has controlled the Catholic vote. When they lose it, elections tend to swing Republican since one in five voters identify as Catholic.

Catholic polling conducted by EWTN and RealClearPolitics should concern Democratic leadership:

  • 59% of all Catholics say the country is on the wrong track.
  • 53% of Catholics disapprove of President Biden’s job performance.
  • 65% say abortion conflicts with Catholic teaching.
  • 68% support laws which require parental consent for an abortion.
  • Only 18% of Catholic voters agree with party leadership that insists that women should be allowed to abort their child for a full nine months of their pregnancy.
  • Another 32% say abortion should only be permitted in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman, again in opposition to party leadership that insists on no regulations on abortion.

Iowa Catholic candidates clash

Catholic votes will play an outsized role in two critical races here in Iowa. Two Catholic candidates running for Attorney General, incumbent Tom Miller, and challenger Brenna Bird hold opposing views on abortion.

Pulse board president, Tom Quiner, talked with Ms. Bird Friday night (above) about her pro-life views. She is proudly pro-life in keeping with her Catholic faith. By contrast, Tom Miller ran as a pro-lifer in 1978, only to flip-flop in the 1990s for political expediency in his failed campaign for governor. As Attorney General, he has refused to defend pro-life laws when they are challenged in court. Ms. Bird promises to uphold all pro-life laws.

In the third district House race, once again two professed Catholics are squaring off. Incumbent Cindy Axne disagrees with every Catholic teaching on life issues, including conscience protections. Catholic voters disagree with Axne by a two to one margin on this issue.

59% support the Trump era conscience protections that allowed Catholic doctors and nurses to opt out of abortions and other procedures that violate their faith. Zach Nunn supports these protections.

At the national level, President Biden is working to remove those conscience protections by redefining what discrimination means in Obamacare.

The outcome of today’s elections will be determined by the Catholic vote. The polling above shows that rank and file Catholic Democrats hold views dramatically different than party leadership on reproductive issues. That’s how you lose the Catholic vote.

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