Imagine if the COVID-19 vaccine had these side effects on women

COVID-19 side effects

Students for LIfe’s Kristan Hawkins

Let’s say the COVID-19 vaccine had these side effects:

  • Cramping and vaginal bleeding should be expected.
  • Sometimes the bleeding is so heavy that surgery may be necessary.
  • Nausea, weakness, fever, chills, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, and dizziness are common the first two days after getting the vaccine.
  • Adverse consequences include hospitalization and blood transfusions to address excessive bleeding.
  • Physicians report that hysterectomies following complications from taking the COVID-19 vaccine have occurred.
  • Women have even died from it.

IF this vaccine, which has so dominated the news in recent months, had side effects like these, do you think the FDA would be rushing to approve it and subject women to it?

Of course, we’re NOT actually talking about the COVID vaccine, are we? We’re talking about RU-486, ‘the abortion pill’.

The side effects listed above are cited by Students for Life’s Kristan Hawkins in a December 12th essay published by Real Clear Politics. She reports that California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, calls for the expansion and deregulation of this dangerous abortion inducing drug.

Becerra has convinced 21 additional state attorneys general, including Iowa’s Tom Miller, to:

“join him in pressuring the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration to drop health and safety standards for the pills.”

Hawkins continues:

“As the Biden administration has now nominated Becerra to head HHS, it’s seems clear that the current advice of medical professionals at the FDA will be ignored and that common-sense health and safety standards known as a REMS (risk evaluation and mitigation strategy) to reduce the death and injury rate of women undergoing abortions are now at risk.”

RU-486 is poison for women and the babies they carry in their wombs. The new HHS Secretary is driven to politicize the poison and expand its tentacles to more at-risk women, including Iowa women.

How bad is it? As Hawkins reports, one woman described her experience like this:

“I wish they told me these pills wouldn’t end the baby’s life. It came out in a sack, with all the limbs and eyes … heart still beating. If I knew that would be the outcome, I would’ve never done it.”

Abby Johnson characterized it like this:

“My bathroom looked like a crime scene.”

This is what we can look forward to from the incoming administration.

Tomorrow, Iowans for LIFE will reveal the results of our survey asking people if they’ll take the new COVID-19 vaccine, which is just beginning to be rolled out.

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