Results of Iowans for LIFE’s COVID-19 vaccine survey

COVID-19 vaccine surveyWill you take a COVID-19 vaccine? Yes? No? Undecided? This is the question we asked of Iowans for LIFE supporters via email and Facebook. Here are the results of our COVID-19 vaccine survey:

YES 22%

NO 68%


The ‘no’ responses were forceful, typically in all caps and/or exclamation points. Dissent fell into three categories:

Ethical considerations

Many survey responders refuse to take a vaccine that used abortion-derived cell lines in testing, such as Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, and especially if they are used in production, as in the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca products. Here are some comments we received:

“The vaccines were made with a fetal cell line. Regardless of how far removed this vaccine is from the cells it has the “original sin” of fetal cell use.”

“No- look at the ingredients. Not putting aborted baby tissue in my body.”

“I definitely won’t be taking a vaccine I know was manufactured with aborted fetal cells.”

“I will not receive any vaccine that uses embryonic stem cells in any part of the production process.”

“Emphatic NO. In the words of Bishop Strickland, I will not use the life of another to save my own.”

“NO! And no good, faithful Christian should. The only way we will EVER stop the continued use of aborted fetal products in research is to say No to All of their products, especially ones that have skipped steps of the safety process and for a disease that is no deadlier than a bad influenza year. There should be No reason to get this and to inherently support the companies who continue to use and desecrate the lives of children sacrificed for abortion is appalling and needs to stop.”

“No. As a rule there must be good reason for injecting chemicals into one’s body, and I don’t think a vaccine is necessary for a virus with a more than 99% survivability rate. And even taking the specter of a vaccine tainted with the cells of aborted children out of the equation – a deal breaker – I find the circumstances surrounding the development and promotion of the vaccine to be suspect.”

As you can see, some of the concerns expressed above begin with ethical considerations, but also touch on a second reason these people refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine:

Reliability concerns

Many responders believe the process to develop a vaccine was rushed, and that side effects are not fully known:

“No. I want to see more data on effectiveness and side effects, peer-reviewed and not from the vaccine manufacturers. How can we give this to our children and elderly without more data. This is why I will not be giving the vaccination to my kids. So far from what I have seen I would rather take my chances with a 99% recovery rate.”

“No, absolutely not. I am young and healthy and am breastfeeding. It’s completely untested as far as long term side effects. It’s also a completely new type of vaccine (mRNA) that has never been used before. It’s only been through 2 months of clinical trials. And the CDC also says this won’t make masks go away.”

“This means vaccinated people who carry the virus might still be infectious to others. Moderna’s chief medical officer Tal Zaks made that point clear in an interview, saying that the data can’t yet prove that a vaccine will stop individuals from spreading the disease.”

“Both Pfizer and Moderna are based on genetic altering deliverance. We have no idea the results of such vaccines. A major question to ask…why would someone who has had Covid 19 need a vaccine? Why would a vaccine provide more immunity than having had the disease?

“My sister-in-law had to be vaccinated for the Army and received a bad batch which left her with multiple health issues and now 100% disabled.”

“We refuse to be a guinea pig for this drug.”

“Considering the rapid rate at which the vaccines have been developed I prefer to wait to be vaccinated until I see what side effects may appear. At the age of 69 I am considered elderly, but I also have MS and am concerned about how the vaccine may affect me in that regard.” Not to mention, the responders have the option of opting for the services like companion care in Sumner to take care of them for some time, but why would they want to take the risk of having any side effects in the first place?

“We’ve never had a mRNA vaccine (DNA altering!), and certainly not a rushed one with hardly any study on side effects, let alone long-term effects. There are far too many specialists voicing concern over female sterilization.”

“The testing samples are very low. Besides very vulnerable people, with 99% plus recovery, it may be a solution in search of a problem.”

Finally, vaccine detractors question if there is even a need for such a vaccine:


Here are some typical comments we received:

“I will never take a vaccine for a malady with a 99%+ survival rate.”

“No!!! And I will not be giving the vaccination to my kids. I would rather take my chances with a 99% recovery rate, then having another person in my family get vaccine injured (which is a life sentence).”

“I am a healthy person so I would not put an unknown, unethical substance in my body when I have a 99.95% of recovery if contracted corona.”

“No. As a rule there must be good reason for injecting chemicals into one’s body, and I don’t think a vaccine is necessary for a virus with a more than 99% survivability rate.”

Reasons to take the vaccine

Keep in mind that the audience Iowans for LIFE canvassed was comprised of pro-life supporters, 22% of whom said they would take the vaccine. These and similar surveys (many of which could be implemented using tools from Qualtrics) provide not just the opinion swing on matters as sensitive as acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine, they can be a channel to understand what the responders feel and why they feel that way. Here were some of their reasons:

“Our Archbishop Jackel put out a memo assuring us Catholics that we could take the shot in good conscience so my answer is “yes”. I will take the shot when it becomes available for those of us who are elderly when it gets to be our turn. However, if I do test positive and survive, I will count on immunity and will not take any vaccine.”

“Yes, I plan to take the vaccine as long as its manufacture complies with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

“Yes, I will be receiving the vaccine, from either Pfizer or Moderna. Our Bishop, the USCCB and the NCBC all tell me it’s allowed under our Catholic beliefs.”

“I will take either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine. I will not take the AstraZeneca or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if alternatives are available; if no alternatives are available, I will probably take them.”

“Yes if possible I’d be first in line, I am still recuperating from this horrible disease in almost a month, you don’t want this.”

“Yes, without hesitation…..I don’t want that virus and it is my responsibility to protect others too. It is safe!”

In all, Iowans for LIFE heard from 289 pro-life leaning respondents.

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