Pulse board member to be on Fox Business before tonight’s debate

Whitney McIntoshPulse Life Advocate’s board member, Whitney McIntosh, will be on a voter panel of 3 on Wednesday and Thursday during the 5PM EST hour (4PM CST) on The Evening Edit on Fox Business Network.

She was selected because of a cameo appearance she made on Fox about two weeks ago when Laura Ingraham was in town. She spoke as a veteran about how disappointed she was about the withdrawal that President Biden orchestrated from Afghanistan.

Whitney says she is one of the few black female conservatives who is outspokenly pro-life and pro-parents rights, which makes her somewhat unique.

Regarding tonight’s Republican debate, Whitney McIntosh is interested to hear what every candidate has to say, because of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus position.

She says there are only two candidates who so far have said that they are pro-life for the whole of life, and that is Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy.

For her, if the others cannot say that they are pro-life for the whole life conception to natural death, then they have lost any possibility of her voting for them.

Says Whitney:

“People may say that makes me a one topic voter but life is the main topic. If there is nobody alive there is nobody to put the other efforts, laws, & policies or efforts towards.”

Tune in to Fox Business at 4 to hear Whitney McIntosh.

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