Heartbeat Novena Day Three Prayer

Heartbeat Novena day threeDAY THREE PRAYER

Saint Elizabeth Seton,
you knew the beauty of all human life
when you carried a child in your womb
and when, as a young widow,
a teacher, and founder of the Sisters of Charity,
you sought to live the Gospel of Life.
Inspire us, intercede for us, and be with us.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

You know the loneliness of the orphan;
Consecrate us to the protection of children.

You know of the vocation of the teacher;
Inspire us to teach the Gospel of Life.

You know the vows of religious life;
Pray that we might be faithful to the Gospel of Life.

Our Father …

Hail Mary …

Glory to the Father …


Check back tomorrow for our Day Four Prayer. And thank-you for supporting the cause of Life with your prayers. 

[If you’re able, join us on December 7th at 10:30AM in the Polk County Courthouse for a show of support on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters. Thank-you.]