Heartbeat Novena Day Four Prayer

Heartbeat Novena day fourThe Heartbeat Bill goes to court on December 7th

As a reminder, the Heartbeat Bill goes to court on December 7th as referenced in an earlier blogpost. We are praying a Novena for a successful outcome. Our Novena comes from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who encourage us to invoke three powerful pro-life witnesses on behalf of the cause.

We invoked Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton the first three days of our Novena. Now we ask for intercession by Saint John Neumann for the next three days. According to the USCCB:

“Saint John Nepimucene Neumann came to the United States as one of 36 priests to serve the 200,000 Catholics of New York and New Jersey in 1836. As a priest in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, and as Bishop of Philadelphia, he was tireless in his love for the people of the United States. He died in 1860, while on his way to mail a chalice to a missionary priest..”


Saint John Neumann,
as a loyal son, a faithful priest, and a tireless Bishop,
you worked to support and defend life in all its wonder.
Intercede for the Church you loved with all your heart
that we may be faithful witnesses to the Gospel of Life.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Faithful son of faithful parents;
Teach us to honor our parents when they grow old.

Immigrant and stranger;
Inspire us to welcome the rejected of the world.

Protector of the young;
Inspire us to work for the safety of all children.

Our Father …

Hail Mary …

Glory to the Father …


Check back tomorrow for our Day Five Prayer. And thank-you for supporting the cause of Life with your prayers. 

[If you’re able, join us on December 7th at 10:30AM in the Polk County Courthouse for a show of support on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters. Thank-you.]