Thanks to all of our volunteers

Pulse Life Advocates exhibits at the Iowa State Fair as a critical strategy in our pro-life educational outreach. We touch tens of thousands of people every year with life-affirming messages that matter. We couldn’t do it without a committed team of volunteers.

We share our pro-life booth with our friends at Iowa Right to Life. Thanks to all of our volunteers and to IRTL for coming together with Pulse to project a compelling and authoritative pro-life presence.

Our investment in financial and human capital at the Fair does more than make an immediate impact. It plants seeds by exposing the sanctity of human life to young Iowans. We hand out thousands of 12 week fetal models to children who identify them properly as babies. Human dignity begins at conception, not just birth. These models convey that dignity to children as young as 3 or 4 years of age.

Our volunteers not only hand out fetal models to the kids, they also apply pro-life ‘tattoos’ to some of the older kids, which are especially popular with teen age girls. At the same time, they make sure to flag teens and give them our teen bags which arm them with age-appropriate reproductive educational material from a pro-life perspective.

Do you want Pulse to continue being a pro-life presence at the Iowa State Fair? You can help in two ways:

  1. Volunteer to help at the Iowa State Fair and other pro-life events. Click here to volunteer now.
  2. Donate. Our entire pro-life educational outreach is funded by regular Iowans who make regular, small donations each month.
  3. Sign our petition calling for Life at Conception legislation.

Once again, thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers who made our presence at the Iowa State Fair such a success.


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