“How many children have YOU adopted?!” #2

By Maggie DeWitte, Executive Director, Pulse Life Advocates

A grim-looking woman fixed her gaze at me at last summer’s Iowa State Fair. I was working Pulse Life Advocates’ booth in the Varied Industry Building when she strode up to hurl a pro-life challenge in my face:
“How many children have YOU adopted?!”
I said,
“Well actually, I ran the adoption program for Catholic Charities here in Des Moines for years.”
“But how many children have YOU adopted?!”
I calmly replied,
“… and my husband is adopted.”
Wasn’t enough for her. She stalked off triumphantly before I could follow up with the most salient rebuttal, which is this:

“I think you’re asking the wrong question. I think what you’re really concerned about is whether there are enough parents willing to step forward to raise the babies who aren’t killed by abortion.

The answer is yes.

By some estimates, there are as many 35 couples waiting in line to adopt a baby for each one that is aborted.

God has blessed me with 4 four children.

It doesn’t seem fair for me to adopt a fifth when so many couples are on their knees praying to God for their first.

Wouldn’t you agree?”

Of course, her pro-life challenge is really meant to change the subject from the true object of abortion, which is the death of a unique human being.

Abortion rights advocates feel that if they can just expose pro-lifers as hypocrites, it somehow makes abortion acceptable.

It doesn’t.

Let me say it again: each abortion kills a unique human being, a person, who was human from the instant of fertilization.

pro-life challenge

Pulse Life Advocates works tirelessly promoting a culture of life in Iowa. Earlier this week, we talked to the Deputy Director of Lutheran Family Services, Kim Laube (above), who told us there just aren’t enough babies available for adoption, and abortion is a big reason.

You’ve heard of the law of supply and demand. The demand is huge. The supply is low when it comes to the Adoption Option.

Thanks to Lutheran Family Services and all of the adoption agencies that work tirelessly putting babies together with their future parents.

What rewarding work. Now, let’s end abortion and let even more love spread across this land.

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  1. Deacon Tom on February 10, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    Adoption is a great option that is not just about the children, but about the need to have someone to love.

    We adopted to children who are quite different, but the challenges are similar to most families.

    There are many couples longing to have family, they just need a chance. Just a few months longer to allow children to be born. Placement to loving family is almost guaranteed.

    Please give life and love a chance.

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