An urgent message from Iowans for LIFE Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte

spiritual attackDear IFL Supporters & Iowa Legislators: Our brave pro life legislators and governor are under spiritual attack. The spiritual climate at the Capitol is intense today. Angry shouts. Protests by Big Abortion. Spiritual attacks are running high on anyone standing up for the rights of our brothers and sisters in the womb.

You need to stop what you’re doing and pray right NOW.

Iowans for LIFE thanks our legislators for the groundbreaking work you’re doing on behalf of the preborn. Please know, IFL and our followers are still praying for you!

You are not alone.

We’re grateful for the work you’ve done passing Heartbeat legislation. We know there are still several pro-life measures being considered, including:

· Blocking the abortion industry from state-funded sex ed programs in our schools
· Fully defunding the abortion industry of taxpayer dollars
· Stopping “wrongful birth” lawsuits that allow parents to sue doctors for NOT aborting their child.

Let’s make sure we’re encouraging our pro-life champions and lifting them up in prayer TODAY!

THANK YOU, legislators! Stay in the fight!

In Christ, Maggie DeWitte
Iowans for LIFE Executive Director