Maggie DeWitte’s speech at the Iowa March For Life

Iowa March For LifeWelcome to the First Post-Dobbs, Iowa March for Life!

One year ago marked the end of federal abortion law in our country.  

Those under 50 have never known anything but federal abortion law on demand, for any reason for all nine months of pregnancy; others never thought they would see the day that Roe v. Wade was overturned.  

But because of all of your endless prayers, your blood, sweat and tears and your resolve to keep pressing that we are here today.  

That we can celebrate the end of one of the most devastating court rulings in the history of America as it is now reduced to a pile of dung in the annals of juris prudence! 

Well done good and faithful servants!

Abortion has not ended

But let me be very clear.  This ruling did not end abortion in Iowa.  We continue to have abortions here every day in our state.  Mothers are being wounded and traumatized and babies are being ripped from their mother’s wombs, a place that should be the safest place in the world. And so, while we celebrate, we must all stand together, united in our continued fight to end abortion in Iowa.  Our work continues and we need every single one of you!

Last week we received the profoundly disappointing court ruling by our Iowa Supreme Court on our heartbeat law.  A law that was passed by our duly elected legislators and signed into law by our pro-life Governor Reynolds five years ago!  A law that had it been allowed to be enacted would have saved an average of 2,000 Iowans every year!

We stand in support of holding these justices accountable to the fullest legal extent possible!  

We stand in support of efforts by legislators to see Iowa’s Heartbeat law passed anew and we request that our legislature call for a special session!  

This is a life and death issue, and we cannot wait any longer for restrictions against this barbaric practice to be put in place.  

The time to act is NOW!

But we will not stop there.  

Because judicial reform and heartbeat bills, while good steps, fall short at protecting ALL mothers and ALL children from abortion.

This a human rights issue

This is the greatest human rights issue of our time, and we must demand equal protection under the law for all people including our pre-born brothers and sisters.

Being pro-life is being pro-woman.  And as such, we will also continue to advocate for services, healthcare, and resources for women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  We will continue to push for efforts like the MOMS bill passed two sessions ago and increased funding this last session.  Women do not need abortion and the answer to the social problems of our day is not murder.  We love them both and in doing so create a culture of life.

Keep praying.

Keep educating yourself on this issue.  

Keep having conversations and advocating for the most vulnerable- innocent human life! 

Thank you!

[We need your help. The fight to end abortion takes money. Support Pulse’s pro-life educational outreach today.]