It’s here! How to Raise Pro-Life Children

Today is the day we release episode one of our new video series, “How to Raise Pro-Life Children.” You may have already seen our trailer (above). Now, you can watch episode 1.

Episodes 2, 3, and 4 will be released on December 11th, 18th, and 25th respectively.

Pulse talked to regular folks in Iowa, asking them: How are you raising pro-life children … or … how did your parents raise you to be pro-life? Four themes emerged, beginning with the primacy of faith and prayer in the thirteen minute opening episode, which you can view here.

The last episode is amazing and should be viewed with your entire family on Christmas.

You’ll know some of the people interviewed for this project, so be sure to spread this important pro-life content by sharing it with your family and friends. Just forward the link above by email to people who need to hear its message. 

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The ideas shared in “How to Raise Pro-Life Children” work best when you start young. And yet it’s never too late to speak the Truth, that human life begins at the instant of fertilization; that God knows us before we were born; and that we were made in God’s image.

You’re not alone.

Pulse has your back. This new video project is just the latest tool to help parents and grandparents promote a culture of life in Iowa and beyond. A culture of life is built one family at a time.

Will you help?

[Watch Episode 1 of “How to Raise Pro-Life Children.”]