Opening tonight: “Gosnell: The trial of America’s biggest serial killer”

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The trial of the century was largely ignored by the mainstream media. Now you can relive the story Big Abortion tried to keep quiet by catching the shocking movie opening tonight, “GOSNELL, THE TRIAL OF AMERICA’S BIGGEST SERIAL KILLER.”

The Gosnell Movie

Kermit Gosnell ran an abortion clinic which he called the ‘Women’s Medical Society.’ In fact, it was a filthy abortion factory catering to low-income minority women, and we mean filthy morally and in terms of sanitation.

“Doctor” Gosnell specialized in late term abortions. According to employees, babies survived late term abortion procedures hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. Dr. Gosnell developed a special pair of scissors he would use to “snip” the spinal cord of the baby to “complete” the abortion.

Politically-correct government inspectors gave him a pass

If only these babies had died in the womb as planned, Dr. Gosnell, would have been just fine. The city of Philadelphia didn’t inspect the clinic for years because Gosnell catered to minority women. In other words, they essentially gave him a pass for political-correctness reasons. Or maybe they just thought minority women and babies don’t count as much as white ones. 

When a woman died from a botched abortion, they finally had to go in and check things out, and what they discovered was horrific. Fetal body parts were everywhere. The place smelled. It was a cesspool of filth.

Instead of a cynically named “Women’s Medical Society,” pro-life groups accurately characterized the place as a “House of Horrors.”

Untold deaths

As the investigation unfolded, the magnitude of his crime became known and charges were filed for manslaughter in the death of the woman mentioned above, and for 3 babies killed after birth. Even though there were hundreds, maybe thousands of additional deaths, three were sufficient to bring charges.

When he was arrested, cops found Gosnell had a stash of $240,000 in cash at his house. He earned something like $1.8 million per year aborting black babies, while paying his staff minimum wage. There’s big money in aborting black babies apparently.

Here’s where things get really interesting. When his trial began, the courthouse reserved plenty of seating for the press, only they didn’t show, except for a few conservative news outlets.  The liberal mainstream media had no interest in covering the story which exposed the lie that abortion is all about “women’s reproductive health.”

The abortion industry is all about death, greed, and exploitation of black women and babies, a politically-incorrect topic for a media that has the back of Big Abortion.

The Gosnell movie tells this story.

It’s a hard story to tell, because Hollywood tried to block the producers of the film, so they had to crowd-fund the project.

They started with Kickstarter, who blocked them, so they had to use Indiegogo to raise the funds to produce this film.

Even now, the MSM is trying to stifle the story. Outlets like CNN, Facebook, and NPR aren’t covering the story. NPR won’t allow sponsored ads for the Gosnell movie because it uses the word “abortionist” and NPR claims that they run a “value neutral” platform.

Support this entertainment aberration: an unvarnished exposé of the reality of human abortion.

[Iowans for LIFE supports pro-life entertainment. We’ve developed our own theatrical piece, A CLASH OF CREEDS, premiering October 24th. Be there!]